Audio during call not routed to USB DAC headset

HARDWARE: xperia 10ii, xperia xz2 compact
UI LANGUAGE: Swedish, German


the usb dac headset is working fine until one makes a call, then the audio is routed to the earspeaker in the phone



  1. use usb dac headset
  2. make a phone call


audio through headset


audio through earspeaker from phone


waydroid on xz2 compact


has anyone had a similar experience and did anyone manage to use a usb headset for calls, or did anyone try to do a workaround?

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May be you should ask in rinigus’s threads, are you able to change audiorouting in phone app?

Not really, i can only switch between loudspeaker and earspeaker. It is not only an issue on rinigus’ ports, also on official ports for 10 ii for example

I would double check if it is even possible on the Android. I am not sure if I recall correctly that the USB has many limitations one of which is audio/video routing. But I am not 100% sure. I checked years ago for video routing and it was not supported on the Sony devices (X/XA2).

The question has nothing to do with Android, and sound is one of those basics that just works. Surely a bit of routing should be solvable.

Well, I guess you just have to start a bit of routing :slight_smile:

As mentioned I checked once and it turned out video routing is not possible because of hardware limitations. I would bet it is the same with the audio. When you have double checked this, please write here, so that everybody knows.


As for android, I wonder why you install the software from Sony when flashing Sailfish.
For example: SW_binaries_for_Xperia_Android_*.zip

I see there the Android mentioned in the name of the package.

i found this, maybe i can do it like that:

Unfortunately this doesn’t work, i can identify the sink-input id for calling and can get the name of the dac sink, but when i run the command to output the call to the dac sink it seems successful, because there is no error, not even a status, but the output still isn’t routed to the dac…

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In another thread, @attah said to have “tested a couple of DACs/adapters” and the original poster did not complain further about the Sony USB-C headset. Is there something different in this thread that makes the DAC not work?

(NB I had also tested an external USB-C microphone and I also noticed it is not used while in phone conversation.)

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maybe the dacs were only tested briefly if they give sound output and the microphone is used when recording, which is the case when doing everything else except making a phone call

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Seems i didn’t think to write down whether mic worked on those tests. Though i would not have tested with calls anyway, and calls vs everything else has been known to be different anyway.

USB-C headsets not being compatible is a potential future concern for me. Who knows if the next SFOS supported phone will have a 3.5mm jack, for those who don’t like bluetooth.

It will still most likely be a simple matter of routing (aka selecting input/output). So it can’t be that hard to fix, and it can be debugged and worked around by users. And in doing so, presumably some understanding of the issue is gained. So assuming Jolla survives the reconstruction it should have a decent chance of getting fixed, especially if that gets added to the report.

Output still Just Works™ - and at least for me that is the 99% use-case.

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Yes, we’re even talking about a device that’s not officially supported, the xz2 compact, it is currently the only compact sailfish os device which supports newer android apps ( whatsapp) but has no 3.5mm audio Jack. I thought it would work out for my mother to just use a 3.5mm to usb-c adapter for get headset, and also just tested sound output and microphone input. Maybe it’s better to buy a Bluetooth headset. Now it’s getting offtopic: are there any recommendations? There is one Bluetooth transmitter from Sony where the earpiece is connected through 3.5mm. There are old versions with microusb and a new version with usb-c, but with the caveat of being unusable during charging, in contrast to the microusb version. Then there is jlab go air sport, with two separate earpieces, but on the 10 ii and iii the microphone is very bad during calls. I have that and even tested it on the xz2c, but only for whatsapp calls and i have the feeling that there is something different, because the microphone worked fine in this setting. Now i get the feeling that even dac will work with whatsapp calls…

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Thank you for reporting the issue.
Internal bug filed. Tracking tag set.