Apps that haven't been ported to aarch64

This is a list of software which is missing aarch64 support. Much of it is from

I’m pinging, using issues on github/gitlab to contact people and offer to help. I’ll also push things to chum as I obtain permission. If anyone would like assistance getting into chum, I can help. It makes your life a lot easier and more or less can assure you of always having builds for current SFOS …

I’m just making brief notes below the links to track progress. Please add any links you see fit, as long as the links point to source.

EDIT, this is now a wiki.

SNIP, removed the older done to speed this page up.

NOT needed?



I’ve pinged all of the above. Given some time, if they have GPL like lics, I’ll fork em and get them into chum. That I’ll split into topics when it’s time to test.


I made a pull request for 2048 to make it a noarch application. I uploaded the RPM for the impatient, too :slight_smile:

heh! I’m about to push it to chum. Damn. I was about to put it in open repos after that. Did you push it there?

I rebuilt the build file and added icons and so

AFAIK Fabien is still “around”, but not that active. I suggest that Fabien could update the Jolla Store version. Or, if he doesn’t respond to the PR, I could try to push my work into Chum for learning the stuff.

Yeah, that would be ideal. Getting it into chum would be nice too but requires a License file. I saw he had GPLv3 in the source, so I added that which would make it trivial with the spec I set up to get into chum. maybe ask him?

Stupid question, how do I properly produce noarch packages :slight_smile: maybe:

Oh yeah, the license. I didn’t add license file yet, whoops. Did notice it was GPLv3, though.

Please check out my fork as I made quite a few fixes and improvements :sweat_smile: Let’s not push it to Chum just yet, give Fabien a few days :slight_smile:

The best way to get a noarch sample is to create a new QML-only SFOS app in the SDK. That’s what I do anyway.

Ok. I’ll hold off since you went a bit further than me. Maybe ask Fabien if he’s ok with us adding it to chum? Thanks for your efforts!

I’ve also been waiting for feedback and only doing testing in my private projects on obs, so I wouldn’t push it to chum:testing without feedback in some reasonable time.

The PR was merged and 2048 is available in Jolla Store again :+1:

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Cool! Thanks for your efforts!

I’ve seen some action on the Tuner app on github but the same author had released a great DB meter app that hasn’t been updated in years. Assuming it still compiles it would be nice to have in the store again.

It’s in chum now. I have a fork of the original as the base for builds.

There is also this app:

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I’ve compiled a few months ago three apps I use for aarch64 on openrepos. All of which still not available in aarch64 from the original author, so here you go the 64 bits builds:


Should I ping the authors again? Or just move to fork and get into chum?

I guess we can ping the authors again. On phonehook’s github, we have two issues about aarch64. But the other 2 apps, I didn’t ping the authors (just recompiled and shared on openrepos back then).

Working hours clocking software -

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This app has just been updated and now works on 64-bit devices :slight_smile:



very handy, like in a meeting you can give a comment without disturbing a conversation.
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It’s The Simple Things In Life You Treasure :slight_smile:

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I made an issue in the repo!

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