Apps that haven't been ported to aarch64 (Store)

Re separate lib: you can package it separately in the project. Then you could add library RPM as a build dependency in your package and just have that package in the same project. For example, Chum has rather large number of libs already that are used as dependencies for end-user apps.

Noarch apps (qml-only) still works at aarch64? I don’t need to recompile them?

will try that, never defined a spec file from scratch before.
i have installed tasklist on my xperia 10. dropbox integration seems to fail. i can not login.
qtdropbox lib is like 5+ years old. doubt that it still does work

i have just installed sailkick arm version on my gs290. qml only

I liked cSMS, wish it had a 64-bit application… Or at least we had backward support for 32-bit libraries and binaries…