Apps that haven't been ported to aarch64 (Store)

Thank you SO much @poetaster and @Levone1 for rebuilding and repackaging this. Just downloaded and installed and seems to work
! :slight_smile:

Yipee! I’ll see if we can get it into chum. I need to clear the license with the original author and then I can push it to obs/chum.

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Thank you very much, for the new aarch64 build. It works and only
the long-standing error of not seeing any bullets or laser beams is still there.

Ah, ok. I’ll see if I can get the bullets fixed. Jeez. Never fixed bullets before. Did have a song about bullets. But I digress.

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Ok, fixed here:

I’ll rebuild tomorrow. Also found it’s GPL so I can push it to chum. Yeah!


Should also show up in chum, soon.


It’s in chum with the fixes. I’ve played to level 9 and, with the exception of occasional audio fails (switch to cover, switch back), it’s pretty stable.


Thank you! It’s been enough time since I played the game on the Tablet that I can’t remember how to beat each level any more, so it’s almost like a new game now :slight_smile:


thanks a lot, for the new build and the fixes for this shot error.

Glad to have discovered it! It’s actually well designed to be extended with new variants. I’ve never built a level pack for a game, so I think I’ll try that when I find some time. Maybe a thread for collaboration. Art work. Hmmmmm… Rabbit hole.

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This was a new find to me! Looks great! However, the layout seems a bit broken on my X10II because of its aspect ratio :frowning:

Could you post a screenshot in a ticket, please? :

EDIT: I think it’s broken on my volla, too :slight_smile: I’m going through the details and looking at the png board files and it’s clear it’s zoomed in. … Still, send me the screenshot, please.

You seem to have “issues” disabled on GitHub :slight_smile:

Will do, today or tomorrow!

I can also raise a ticket about speed, 1x vs 2x, behaviour is flipped. 1x is the fast speed and 2x is the slow instead of the expected ==> 2x should be the faster setting. Once issues are open I can post a ticket.
Again thanks for repackaging this and maintaining.

Oops! Thanks for the heads up. Issues are on.

Hmmm. When in normal speed, 2x is displayed, click and the alien horde accelerates. In accelerated speed mode, 1x is displayed. Clicking returns to normal speed. I find that intuitive, but one could have 1x displayed when in normal speed and clicking it lead to the display of 2x and at double speed. Clicking 2x would lead to a return to normal and display of 1x. I assume that’s what you mean?

I’ve put this and my reply in:

cSMS and mms-settings aren’t available as 64-bit packages yet, I’d love to see that…