Announcing new installer for Storeman

I’m glad to announce a new installer for Storeman!

Storeman currently supports multiple releases of Sailfish OS so there are many packages on OpenRepos. As one can see from the comments, it could be quiet complicated to figure out which package is required for a particular device.

The Chum Team’s experience prompted me to develop a simple architecture-independent installer that adds an OBS repository to the device and selects an appropriate version of Storeman RPM using standard tools like PackageKit, Zypper and libsolv. As an addition I finally configured OBS builds for Storeman!


After “installing the installer” you will see its icon in the apps grid. Tapping on it would call a two-line bash script that simply refreshes the local repository cache and installs the harbor-storeman RPM. The installer itself is removed automatically.

The installer is currently available on GitHub: harbour-storeman-installer-1.0.0-1.noarch.rpm.

I would be happy with your feedback and suggestions :blush:


Hi mentaljam, got myself an Xperia 10 ii a few days ago, couldn’t install Storeman to begin with.
Just seen this post and tried it, the procedure worked/installed exactly as you have described.

Thanks +1!

Also, the apps list looks very narrow on Xperia 10 ii, okay in landscape but squashed up toward the middle of the screen in portrait. Should I post a separate bug report??

Does this mean our chum builds will be available? What about the accounts/apps we maintain old school? I’m gradually moving to obs (9 apps so far) but can’t move everything and would guess we have some work to do?

Thanks, I had issues in installing storeman directly on Xperia 10 II because of all the dependencies, but this did it!

Yes, please, post a screenshot

Not sure if I understood you correctly. This installer doesn’t affect OpenRepos packages other than Storeman.

Oh, I didn’t understand the reference to obs? What does this mean:

a simple architecture-independent installer that adds an OBS repository to the device

An OBS repository for Storeman?

Strange, just opened Storeman, everything looks as it should, sorry, false alarm, if I encounter it again, I’ll be sure to grab a screenshot.

Yes, it looks like I wrote inaccurately. The installer adds the OBS repository for Storeman.

@mentaljam - I got it, open Storeman, pull down and select search, search for something.

Not something what you could fix, but still a problem:
No integrity protection for the download:

mentaljam-obs =

I think either signed rpm packages, or at least an HTTPS-protected download are absolutely necessary for daily usage.


After I saw Storeman 1.0.0 in OpenRepos I uninstalled my previous version of Storeman, installed and ran Storeman-Installer which installed Storeman 0.2.9 and ran pkcon refresh.

Storeman says it’s still on Version 0.2.9, it shows Storeman 1.0.0 but claims that Storeman wasn’t installed, hence it doesn’t offer an update. Selecting Install from the pulley menu is followed by a never ending rotating doughnut with the text Installing but nothing happens until I restart Storeman which in return still claims that Storeman wasn’t installed.

“Storeman” page at OpenRepos now contains only the installer package which now is 1.0.1. The last version of Storeman is 0.2.9 while I’m writing this comment. The installer cannot be installed if Storeman is already istalled.

I have renamed the OpenRepos page to “Storeman Installer” to make it more clear. Also I will check why Storeman itself shows you the “Install” menu entry for the installer.


It looks like 4.2 EA broke ‘Storeman Installer’, the installer runs but fails silently. :frowning:

Thank you for the report, I’ll check it


Should be fixed now. Just run the installer, no need to reinstall it


Thanks @mentaljam - running the installer worked correctly, Storeman now installed and running nicely on Xperia 10 ii ~ SFOS EA


I’m a newcomer to Sailfish, and I have no idea how to “install the installer”.

Why is it not in the Jolla Store? Does Jolla charge for that?

Jolla Store has several strict limitations about the apps it accepts, therefore many (most) apps are only available on the 3-rd party Openrepos software repository. Storeman is a client for Openrepos (although you could access Openrepos via web browser, download apk packages and install them, Storeman makes things easier adding a Store-like interface). This is not a Jolla project and Jolla, of course, does not charge anything for it.


The charge question was about inclusion in the the official store, not the Storeman (Installer) itself. Ok, so there are some other reasons (for the absence of Storeman Installer in the official store).

Now how do I install it?