Announcing new installer for Storeman


To install the installer you need to:

  • enable installation of untrusted software in settings app (sorry, I don’t know the exact name of the entry in English),
  • download the installer RPM from OpenRepos,
  • open the downloaded RPM and accept the installation.

Then you can disable the untrusted software again.

@jameson gave a good answer about presence of Storeman and its installer in the official store. In short, they are not allowed due to use of restricted APIs.


The setting is System → Security → Untrusted software.

I launched the phone’s web browser, typed in “” (typing anything on a touchscreen makes me barf in my mouth so I didn’t type the whole URL-Path to the Installer), located the search form (with the help of a desktop browser, lol), fumbled through to the package page, tapped the noarch.rpm link, and it was smooth sailing from there.

For others: just follow the link in @mentaljam’s comment and tap the noarch.rpm link, it’s quite a ways down the page below the blurb and screenshots.

Now the question is: what did I miss, and can you make it harder to miss? I was clearly supposed to know the bit about untrusted software, and I was supposed to know that the default browser has a handler for rpm files. Before your help I feared that I had to use the terminal and add the repo with zypper… I have no problems using a shell, but typing on the touchscreen makes me want to jump from a window…

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About OpenRepos | — Community Repository System still links to .

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Fixed, thank you for pointing!

Do you think Storeman Installer | — Community Repository System is the wrong place to mention the setting or even briefly describe the install process so newbies like myself don’t have to search the web for hints? Something like this would have given me all the answers I was looking for and this whole subthread would not exist:

To install Storeman Installer, enable “System → Security → Untrusted software” in the phone settings, visit this page using the phone’s browser, and tap the harbour-storeman-installer-$version.jolla_.noarch.rpm link further down the page.

I get it, I’m the first one to complain so what’s the issue, right? :slight_smile: Could it be that I’m the first isolated newcomer in a long time, and all other installs are done by longtime users? I mean, Sailfish is not exactly a mainstream phone OS, I wouldn’t be surprised if 97+% of its users used it since Jolla 1 or earlier and the rest were their spouses, kids, and converted colleagues.

To add a bit more light from another angle: I do have some GNU/Linux knowledge; I wrote extensive tooling around zypper while I worked in SUSE and it still didn’t occur to me that the browser would default to installing the downloaded rpm. As I hinted earlier, I expected the installer to be in the official store, and when that turned out to be false and there was no info and the page includes run “devel-su pkcon refresh” in the terminal app, it seemed I was expected to type zypper ar into the phone and that’s clearly ridiculous… Another reason I didn’t expect the rpm link to be the install procedure is that the OpenRepos webui I get on my XA2 with Sailfish 4.2 is clearly not meant for phones.

Long story short: it is not obvious (to everyone) and the fix is a short sentence, please add the blockquote above the the Storeman Install page, ok? :slight_smile:

Anyway, thanks for the software, and your attitude. When I was researching what to install the contrast in approaches to users between the LineageOS XA2 port maintainer in XDA forums and your writing here and elsewhere drove me to Sailfish. They owe you a chunk of that 50EUR. :smiley:

OMG, “the computer” treats links to OpenRepos as spam and hides messages that include them. :frowning:

You are definitely right! I’m so used to using Sailfish that I didn’t think about newbies. I’ve added a section about installation process to OpenRepos. Thanks again for pointing such obvious things :slight_smile:


Am I the only one with slow (it needs several minutes) opening Storeman when using the icon in the app grid? It happens on every try, not just the first after installation or reboot. If I execute the harbour-storeman in the terminal, it opens immediately. I can’t find something problematic in the /usr/share/applications/harbour-storeman.desktop file. The installation went smoothly and Storeman works fast after the opening process.

And one more. Looks like it can’t remember my login at OpenRepos even if I choose the save password option.

Removing and installing Storeman again doesn’t help.

I think someone has already complained about this. I have no idea about the reason…

It’s a known issue