Android app requiring lock pin

I have that problem too (, Xperia 10III)
Vivaldi wants you to “set a devicelock first” to see the saved passwords.

Same problem while working with google sheets. This bug just blocks the ability to use some very usefull services. I reverted my other phone to previous version of SFOS just to set the android pin and than updated just because I need to use it. For newer devices it is even harder.
I cannot see why such a simple issue is left without attentions for so long time…

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Same issue appears with the Eurail Rail Planner app when trying to add a mobile ticket.


Same problem - waiting on this to e fixed… :frowning:

I had the same issue too. I tested the app on AppSupport before buying a ticket and all looked fine. I bought an interrail mobile ticket via the website afterwards, having full faith in the Sailfish AppSupport, but I could not add it due the lock screen requirement. That came as an unwanted surprise to me.

I had to take an old (ungoogled/LineageOS) Android phone with me on the travels, with a broken screen held in place by tape, just for the mobile interrail ticket. But I ended up having a nice trip. Although next time I am going for the physical ticket that they will mail to you.

Don’t forget to complain about the needlessly high “security” requirements.
You’d be surprised how far a polite email gets you sometimes.

My banking app got updated and now this problem surfaced for me too. I’d really like this bug to be fixed if it actually worked in a previous SailfishOS release. It’s been more than a year since this regression appeared.

What makes you say it is a bug?
Sounds a lot like a missing feature. Are you sure it used to work, or were apps just updated to care?

@attah he didn’t say that it used to work, that was someone else.
Missing feature or bug, it doesn’t matter. You can’t really say a banking app requiring at least a minimum basic security level (according to Android of course) is a “needlessly high security requirement”.
Would be nice if Jolla could do something about this. As Sailfish itself has encrypted storage and requires password/PIN it would be OK to just fake/overrule the Android setting by default in thinking is has a code in place. It makes sense, as I can imagine that especially banking apps are the thing why you want AlienDalvik/Android on your Jolla device as there is no native alternative.

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As a developer myself… missing feature or bug does matter. Often a lot - sometimes more than it should.
Misinformation about that it used to work is also unhelpful.
The “needlessly high security requirement” statement was about train tickets; which i stand firmly behind.

Also note that i’m not disagreeing that it should be implemented, but prioritized as a nice feature, not a critical bug.

Anyone managed with a work around that is not flashing an old version and then upgrading from there?

Still no sollution, could it be something make in purpose by Jolla team?

Is there a bug report about this, if there aren’t please create one -thanks!

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Done, curious noone did in nearly two years of this topic, or at least I couldn’t find a bug report.

Anyway if anyone wants to chime in the bug thread so to gather devs attention here is the link:


Hi everybody!

So, an idea crossed my mind. I looked around and I found no mention of it, so here I am asking about it:

Would using a “work profile” …work?

No. Took a chance, installed Shelter, and got screen from app telling me that it could not install properly.

DISCLAIMER: I can't test this. My only Sailfish phone is my daily driver, and I messed with it already one time too many in the past.

Android has the possibility to “activate” a so called work profile on phones, to keep personal apps separated from work ones. AFAIK, it requires officially that the phone be managed by some IT enterprise entity, but apps exist that allow you to skip that requirement, and open a work profile by yourself; e.g. I know about Shelter. Obviously, you can use the work profile for anything you want: I use it to keep two istances of the same parking app with two different accounts belonging to two different people, for example.

If the “work profile” can actually work under SFOS, the main advantage for Sailfish users comes from the fact that the work profile requires (and makes you set) an independent screen lock, even when the main profile hasn’t got one. On Android, I know it works because I successfully tried it using the Vivaldi browser, that requires a lock pattern to show you saved passwords.

I hope this actually helps. If anybody is either so carefree or so desperate to try it, let me know.



Why do you think that would work?
I can’t imagine you can enable it - but barring that; how would that help hook up pin-entry to whatever enforcement mechanisms Android has?

It wouldn’t. See above.

As for the first point, I do not know if it would work at all. As you point out, the first thing to find out is if it possible to actually enable the profile. Maybe it was a bit "coward" of me, but I just threw the idea: I can't try it myself (or, to be fair, I could but I wouldn't for the reasons I specified above).

As for the second point, maybe I don’t understand the question, but isn’t it just how the (android) system works?
I mean: in my experience you have a normal/general/personal profile. If this profile has any screen lock at all, it makes no difference. If I then activate a work profile, I have to provide a new screen lock pin/pattern/else. Then I can install apps in the profile and, when I “click” on one of those apps, the system asks for the work profile (un)lock pattern.

Therefore I am wondering if, work profile being possible through Appsupport, all those apps that require a screen lock feature would work with this workaround.

Interesting that it works like that for you. (I’d still imagine it wants a backend, which we might not have, for said pin-entry though).

In my very limited experience, it is quite different. The whole phone is locked down, and once unlocked i can do whatever and change profiles arbitrarily.

Not working on my xperia 10ii on Sailfish 4. 5 latest version. I was using outlook.

Now, I’m locked out of online access to my health insurance, since it requires 2FA via app, that refuses to run without screen lock.