Android app requiring lock pin

@attah he didn’t say that it used to work, that was someone else.
Missing feature or bug, it doesn’t matter. You can’t really say a banking app requiring at least a minimum basic security level (according to Android of course) is a “needlessly high security requirement”.
Would be nice if Jolla could do something about this. As Sailfish itself has encrypted storage and requires password/PIN it would be OK to just fake/overrule the Android setting by default in thinking is has a code in place. It makes sense, as I can imagine that especially banking apps are the thing why you want AlienDalvik/Android on your Jolla device as there is no native alternative.

As a developer myself… missing feature or bug does matter. Often a lot - sometimes more than it should.
Misinformation about that it used to work is also unhelpful.
The “needlessly high security requirement” statement was about train tickets; which i stand firmly behind.

Also note that i’m not disagreeing that it should be implemented, but prioritized as a nice feature, not a critical bug.

Anyone managed with a work around that is not flashing an old version and then upgrading from there?

Still no sollution, could it be something make in purpose by Jolla team?

Is there a bug report about this, if there aren’t please create one -thanks!

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