Ambience made from gallery bug

Hi all, I just wanted to ask if my problem has some kind of solution. The problem is, that when I want to make ambience from picture in gallery, it wont use whole picture, but only some kind of “zoomed part”.
Said other way, if I have a picture in gallery with resolution 1920x1080 (my phone has this resolution), it is not showed in whole size, I see let´s say middle square.
Could this be fixed somehow with patch or something? I hate this behavior, all other phones I´ve ever had were working properly - If I had picture with right resolution, whole picture was visible as wallpaper. Not like on Sailfish OS.

Ambiance pictures should be square, and if they are not, they get cropped. Yes,then they will be cropped further to fit to the display too. One reason to need a sqaure is so they can show the same things right-way-up in landscape too.


I use this script to create square images for Ambiences, and sometimes Imageworks to color the black parts:


# Xperia 10 horiz. res.
ax=$(( $a + 300 ))
#im_opts="-background rgb(255,0,255) -resize $sizea -gravity center -extent $sizeax"
im_opts="-background rgb(0,0,0) -resize $sizea -gravity center -extent $sizeax"

echo convert $im_opts $in $out
convert $im_opts $in $out

There are crop settings, no need for scripts, unless I misunderstand something.

The aspect ratio can be set to one of the following, after tapping on the little pen (edit) icon;

Yes a square crop can work, but the script method makes a square by letterboxing it, leaving the full content of the original image intact.

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Where is that? 

On any image in Gallery, then tap the crop icon. (like a box with diagonal line through it).

Oh, i see. I was thinking Ambiances had grown a setting that i had missed. Thanks.

That box is actually meant to to symbolize an angle finder. :wink:


For those who do not want to script, here’s a small guide for Imageworks:

  1. launch Imageworks
  2. assuming your image is in portrait orientation, but NOT 21:9 aspect ratio:
  3. rotate image to landscape mode (this is because there is no portrait crop mode in Imageworks)
  4. crop, choosing 21:9 aspect ratio
  5. rotate to landscape again
  6. go to the rescale screen, choose 1:1 and either ‘color’ or ‘blur’ fill modes
  7. save
  8. go to gallery, open newly saved image, use as ambience