Add 'Hide bootloader lock status' option

There should be a ‘Hide bootloader lock status’ option in android support menu that will hide the fact that the bootloader is unlocked from android system.

Reasoning behind is that more and more android apps are now checking for “bootloader unlocked” status when trying to pass SafetyNet check and will fail.

This can be easily tested with McDonald’s android app:

  • Install MicroG support as per instructions outlined here
  • install McDonald’s app and try to do initial setup
  • setup will fail with message about unsafe / tampered with phone
  • go to microG settings / SafetyNet and do both checks - the second one will fail and if you open detail the reason will be unlocked bootloader

I think adding option to hide bootloader lock status is a reasonable addition to the android app support menu as there is no way to install SFOS without unlocking bootloader (and then locking it back)



I’d be very surprised if Android apps see the actual bootloader unlock from inside the container.
And while i think AppSupport makes what it can to appear as normal as possible to Andropid apps, if something more could be done, of course it should. But no need to have it optional - it should just be on.

SafetyNet, however, has a active server-side “cloud” component to it - it is meant to not be something you can fake. So even if it is possible now, if they are doing their job it should fail soon enough again. The less we use these anti-consumer BS “features”, the better off we are.

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