Aarch64 RPMs (share)

thx a lot for the glib2-devel tip
(Seems I had just problems with telnet always disconnecting ´cause of a broken cable and my kid jumping around on the bed :smiley: ). I´ll try with my bt keyboard, thx a lot for now :+1:

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Here’s fish lib file. Copy to /usr/local/lib64/irssi/modules…

Let me know if you need help with loading or startup, etc.

If anyone knows how to write a good spec file and package the Irssi/Fish files into an rpm, please do…

Sorry - I just realized that i accidentally respinded to the wrong person above … I posted a link to the built libs and binary for Irssi, gzipped in the directory structure to be copied to /usr/local. You can copy/paste and have it installed… (not sure if you saw)

thx, but it’s just two .png icons inside.

Sorry wrong link - here you go:

Wow, works, thx a lot. sooo great

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great - did you get Fish to load ok?

had no time to try, first i’ll write my config file. i’ll let you know. thx

does not work. first it needs to be libfish_core.so in lib instead of lib64. then when load fish it says wrong version

which command are you using to load fish? If you just use ‘/load fish’, it will look in wrong place. You need to use full path - /load /usr/local/lib64/irssi/modules/libfish.so (assuming that’s where you put it). Let me know if that works, and there’s a way you can set it to load on start…

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wishlist: 6cord aarch64 :slight_smile:

Did you already try this - Artifacts · linux (#515405685) · Jobs · diamondburned / 6cord · GitLab ?

I can’t test at the moment …

This one working for me on Android… Artifacts · linux_arm64 (#515405686) · Jobs · diamondburned / 6cord · GitLab

wow, thx, gonna try later

working on SF…

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Qxcompositor - https://github.com/elros34/qxcompositor/tree/qtwayland-5.6

I wasn’t sure if you had all noted that some of these things are also in chum:

yes - actually my rpms for those are no good anyway…