Aarch64 RPMs (share)

Anybody know why I can’t edit my first post here?

You could try opening the tools (wrench icon hidden behind … bottom right) and turn it into a wiki :wink: otherwise, ask @vige

There’s a time limit for that.

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any idea what it is?

Sorry, not sure. IIRC, for sure less then a month but I think even less then a week. At least for “ordinary” user level.

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looking for pyqt5 for aarch64 (for tama device XZ2c). can anyone help me out?
the armv7hl rpms ive been using for the last few years were python2 bindings for qt 5.1 (ignoring dependencies)

i have no idea how to cross-compile pyqt5 for aarch64 against the ancient qt5 5.6.

pip install seems to work…

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heeey! excellent, thank you!
i tried pip before and got a weird ld error, so i gave up. ill try again now that i know its possible :slight_smile:

also, i finally figured out how to do actually do things with the sfdk (namely: build-shell) and finally got a python2 build together that works on my XZ2c. ill attach here and/or in openrepos when i package it up.

theres one thing i couldnt figure out how to do that i had to workaround. is there a nice way to install an rpm from file into the target, like sfdk tools package-install? or some way to get root in the target vm, or manually modify the files that are synced into the image?

one of the dependencies of pyqt, python-sip, is very hard to configure lib location in pyqt, and it would have been great to be able to put sip.h in /usr/include and the python libs in site-packages.

some aarch64 RPMS ive built:

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anyone have 64-bit meecast?
someone built the main app, harbour-meecast, but it doesnt seem to work properly, and i cant find harbour-meecast-event or harbour-meecast-daemon

@teleshoes, please start using SailfishOS:Chum for building your packages.
You can still upload your RPMs to OpenRepos, but having them at SailfishOS:Chum would be helpful for developers directly utilising these libraries etc., too.

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yes, i plan to migrate to chum for the projects ive written.

however, these builds i posted are janky+weird (ancient+abandoned official SFOS code, random source code pulled tar/deb/rom files, etc). some require LOTS of manual hacks, and none are particularly reproducible builds. with quite a lot of work, most could become nice, manageable builds that could pass on the SFOS OBS. that work is currently too much for me.

also, one or two of these are RPMs that were cut+pasted from other linux repos, not builds of mine.

afaict, openrepos is still the best place to stick random one-off RPMs.

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I built GUI for Theme pack support for Sailfish OS by @Rikudou_Sennin, GUI for Theme pack support for Sailfish OS | OpenRepos.net — Community Repository System . I don’t think there’s much use for it at this point besides that it’s a dependency of his icon packs, but I wanted to use them, so…