Apps that haven't been ported to aarch64

Working hours clocking software -

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This app has just been updated and now works on 64-bit devices :slight_smile:



very handy, like in a meeting you can give a comment without disturbing a conversation.
Type your short comment and show your mobile screen to your neighbour - the shorter the bigger…readable even from distance.

It’s The Simple Things In Life You Treasure :slight_smile:

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I made an issue in the repo!

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I was really hoping to dig into this myself but small kids/work is killing my play time!

Has anyone else got harbour-containers running on aarch64?

At least this dependency requires rebuilding (I think):

You can find Containers and QXDiaplay here in op - Aarch64 RPMs (share) - #38 by Levone1 and to get desktop to work on 4.x you need QXCompositor, which is in the same thread, bit I couldn’t add it to op because locked. Just scroll down near the end…

Note that launching XSession from Containers app doesn’t work anymore, but you can still use it to create/start/stop/attach lxc, and then you can use QXC to create display, /usr/bin/qxcompositor -o portrait --wayland-socket-name "../../display/wayland-container-0" &
and then run desktop script to open desktop…

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I managed to compile WallaRead for aarch64. Here is the RPM.

Contrac -

Is also not available yet.

I see it in Openrepos but also can’t install. DM @flypig?
EDIT: I dm’d @flypig
EDIT: an @flypig is looking into it.

There are no sources. Without them, it’s impossible to compile.

obdfish, I’ve made an issue, it’s in the list above.

I really want to help building RPMs for aarch64.
I have my HP running Opensuse, but I’m stil struggling with Docker configuration for SailfishOS SDK.
Do you know if it can be possible to compile and build RPM without having SDK running ?

You can build using:

  • github actions (remote)
  • gitlab CI (remote)
  • gitlab-ci-runner (local computer)
  • OBS (remote)
  • locally on device in a chroot (whatever)

None if which use the SDK, most use coderus’ docker images.

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Just to elaborate on @nephros suggestion… what I would suggest is to:

  1. ask @lbt for access to obs
  2. get familiar with projects and packages on obs
  3. fork some repos.
  4. if they don’t have tags/releases, add one/some
  5. add a service file to a package in a project on obs
  6. watch it build.
  7. if it fails, look at the logs, look at the source.

That’s basically what I do, although I generally look at the code first to try to spot obvious issues.

But I’m an old guy who uses the sdk with virtualbox, so what do I know :slight_smile:

If anyone has time, I’ve built this paint app State of Repository sailfish_latest_aarch64 for home:poetaster:kimmoli / paint - SailfishOS Open Build Service

It’s basically functioning but the Shader Actions, I believe are KO. Perhaps someone can confirm.

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Thanks to the hints from you I am now able to port easily!
I started with OBDfish but was updated right now so no need to push it out.
I will send updates for next releases!

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Call recorder can be removed, because it is already part of the O.S…

Why? CallRecorder has functionalities that doesn’t have call recording of jolla: record calls automatically, white/black list…
In my opinion it’s a must have app, although I don’t use it since call recording doesn’t work fine on xperia 10 II


I’ve put it back in the list.

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