[4.6.0] [Xperia 10 III] Assistant button: allow starting camera app when phone is locked

It would be nice if the assistant button on the Xperia 10 III could be also used to start the camera app and even to take a picture also when the phone is locked. This would be consistent with the possibility that the camera can be started from lock screen.
It would be even better if the assistant button would be effective when the phone is in sleep mode, that means when the screen is off.


I agree, that was my use of it in Nokia 808, quickly launching while locked :wink:

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This has already been implemented in Sauna 4.6.0:

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My suggestion is a direct reaction to that implementation (sorry, I forgot to indicate that).
Starting the camera app by assitant button is only possible if the phone has been unlocked before. It’s not suitable to quickly take a photo with a locked phone (in contrast to the ability to swipe up the lockscreen to start the camera). Or do I miss something?

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I missed that part, sorry about that!

Yes, that’s a different feature all right.

I personally don’t like the idea of applications being started when the phone is locked.
Especially the camera app lets you access the gallery with all options to view, manipulate and share images etc. For a locked phone this amount of usability might be pretty much inspiring to improve abusive experience for the wrong kind of people.:slight_smile:

You do realize that those parts of the camera app are not available when started from the lockscreen?


No, I did not know that. Thank you.


And I know that but I always forget about it… :’)

That’s the goal, to have quick access just to take photo quickly :slight_smile: