[] App Support, app grid - ING Banking App and others are killed (closed) after entering PIN

Since several Android Apps are affected (ING, Teams …) but not all of them (Citrix) but all Android apps can (almost) easily be launched from the terminal, I wonder why this problem is not solved.

For lauching an Android app from the terminal, one needs to enter
apkd-laucher, followed by what is found in /defaultuser/.local/share/applications/apkd_handler_com_TheSpecificAndroidApp

Since this workaaound may not be for everyone, it would be great if Jolla could solve the app-launching bug in order to offer the full potential of AppSupport. All Android apps should stay open when lauched from the app grid. I wonder why some apps are closing after launch when launched from the app grids but stay open when launched from the terminal. My wild guess is that this somehow is related to memory management because it “feels” like an OOM situation


I’m not familiar with Sailfish’s internal error message outputs, but could maybe “sfos_background_denied” be a hint why this problem exists?

Based on this I found a comfortable solution:

  1. Install qCommand from OpenRepos: https://openrepos.net/content/coanteen/qcommand

  2. In qCommand create a new command: For command and name enter the values you find in your apkd_launcher file.

  3. In qCommand, long tap on the new created command, then select “Create launcher icon”. This creates a new file qCommand.autogen-*.desktop in ~/.local/share/application, with the asterisk for a one or two digit number.

  4. Edit that file and replace value of Icon with the one you find in your original apkd_launcher file

Now you have a new launcher icon, that looks like the original one, and it’s working. Maybe, for the new icon tp display the correct image, you have to restart the start screen

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Exactly the same bug on Mes Comptes (BNP) app.