Cannot install Chum-Gui - personal note

olf, I did ask you publicly to be more respectful, which you’re clearly not doing.
I do read documentation, I do know a bit of Linux as well. Regarding log files, I expect any system operation to be in the journal; you chose to create your own special log file, which is OK, but you can’t expect people to read the code of any package they install. Yes, I said “code”, because your so-called documentation is in github. Indeed, if I had to do that, I would install the repository myself.
I “may” test other SFOS versions, because I’m testing cbeta, to make SFOS overall better. This is something that you seem to be doing as well, hence this personal message for you.

The way you are supporting users is sub-par to say the least.
It is OK for users to do whatever they want with their systems; ultimately, if things break beyond repair, they can reflash. Every state between that and an optimal system is an interesting puzzle. It is far better to provide no answer than to do what you have been doing. In fairness, the senseless messages come mostly from you, and getting some advice/guidance is like squeezing a rock.

I won’t provide my log file because I know what the problem is. I provided some feedback about error handling which are debatable, so I won’t debate (I don’t really care). It is up to you or anybody else willing to contribute to the chum installer to consider it.
Indeed, with proper errors you wouldn’t get threads that claim that the chum installer “doesn’t work”.

If you look at these forums, you will find posts from me reacting in a similar manner to yours in this occasion - so I get you, it’s frustrating when users don’t react in the way that you expect them to react. I do think about these things and I do try to improve my behaviour - at the end of the day, this community is very small and ultimately I don’t want people going “back to Android” because “things just work” without the need to go to github to read some documentation.

I don’t expect an answer to this. I don’t care about log files or anything, the main problem here is that you need to treat other people with respect. If you don’t agree with me, at least think about it.