[] call recorder don't work

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HARDWARE (XA2, Xperia 10…): xperia X
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Call recorder not works, and did not given file recorde






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I’m having the same problem, but that app hasn’t been updated since 2017 and I’m not sure if the developer still maintains it.

Are you both referring to the same functionality/app? Because there is the abandoned app called “call recorder”, but Sailfish as well as the built-in functionality of recording calls, which needs to be activated in Settings > Apps > Phone (and it’s not recording by default, needs to be started during each call).

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I mean the built-in functionality of recording calls in Sailfish OS
I have active it in Settings > Apps > Phone and when calling a actived
a notification comme that a call was recorded but no file!

Sorry, I was referring to the old app that’s still available on OpenRepos. Having said that, I can’t help but wonder if these two issues are related.

From the point of view of “system settings -> apps -> phone” “~/ .local/share/system/privileged/Phone/CallRecordings/” is the right directory, as it acuses the file there. I created this directory with according permissions but no files are created there. Phone UI tells that it has recorded…

Am i wrong, or did Jolla communicate lately, that call recording will just work anymore with system own functions. I guess maybe of security reasons as russian authorities will be using the system, or also because of privacy reasons with the european legislation. You can enable call recording in the developper options, did you try?

“developper options”: What do mean?
If the recording button is visible during a call, when it is pressed, it should record. If after finishing recording it says that it recorded, you should have a file somewhere. Otherwise it is a bug, not a feature, right?

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The problem seems to be that Phone app is not allowed to save the recorded call. The problem was caused by the app isolation.

The following commands make call recording work again (make sure you get the whole long command on the 2nd row):

echo -e '\nmkdir     ${PRIVILEGED}/Phone\nprivileged-data Phone' >> /etc/sailjail/permissions/Phone.permission
systemctl-user restart voicecall-ui-prestart

now I can see the file, but still the bug of :

Will there be a hotfix for this? I’ve used the call recorder to record (unwanted) telemarketing calls, in order to make GDPR-complaints. These recordings are legal evidence. It’s not the kind of bugs “oh no biggie, we’ll fix it next release, in a few months” iyam. Especially if it tells you the recording was successful, but in reality nothing is stored.

I get a can’t create - nonexistent directory error here
The function worked fine for me, but stopped somewhen in November with a write error