Ytplayer, is it working?

Out of curiosity, is anyone still using ytplayer?if so, how?

i tried following the instructions on openrepos but with no luck

Unfortunately microtube crashes more than half the times and when it does not crash is completely laggy…

I have not found native youtube apps that work for me.
I use android NewPipe. It is available on F-Droid or github. It is perfect for me, apart from being an android app. If someone knows a good enough native solution, I’d really like to know.



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Mh?what is that?i’m already using microtube

I also use NewPipe, after trying several options for both SFOS & Android…it too crashes sometimes, but most of the time plays and, more importantly, when it does play, the performance is fine.

Where is the newpipe repo? I was thinking of working on an client to use: … is that a worthwhile idea?

Ah it would be a very welcomed idea, since yt on the web has ads and microtube is crashing more than half the times you open it, plus it lags damn bad

This is the repo for new pipe


Since I use youtube mostly to find musical things from the past, i can highly recommend Music Explorer | — Community Repository System which is obviously music centric. But that’s not a general purpose tool :slight_smile:

I use NewPipeLegacy from FDroid. Sometimes it stutters, but most of the time it is ok.

Would this work on SFOS?

Like this:

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