Ytplayer, is it working?

Out of curiosity, is anyone still using ytplayer?if so, how?

i tried following the instructions on openrepos but with no luck

Unfortunately microtube crashes more than half the times and when it does not crash is completely laggy…

I have not found native youtube apps that work for me.
I use android NewPipe. It is available on F-Droid or github. It is perfect for me, apart from being an android app. If someone knows a good enough native solution, I’d really like to know.



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Mh?what is that?i’m already using microtube

I also use NewPipe, after trying several options for both SFOS & Android…it too crashes sometimes, but most of the time plays and, more importantly, when it does play, the performance is fine.

Where is the newpipe repo? I was thinking of working on an client to use: … is that a worthwhile idea?

Ah it would be a very welcomed idea, since yt on the web has ads and microtube is crashing more than half the times you open it, plus it lags damn bad

This is the repo for new pipe


Since I use youtube mostly to find musical things from the past, i can highly recommend Music Explorer | — Community Repository System which is obviously music centric. But that’s not a general purpose tool :slight_smile:

I use NewPipeLegacy from FDroid. Sometimes it stutters, but most of the time it is ok.

Would this work on SFOS?

Like this:

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Out of curiosity, any news on that?

Or in the meantime, has anyone been able to get ytplayer to work?

This is a node js server. Would not use this on a phone.

I’m generally using invidious instances in the browser.

Uh, explain me more, does it works as good as youtube?

Edit: tried right now, 720 is not working at all but i guess i can live with that, thank you, good suggestion

Wonder if there’s a way to see sd content directly, instead of hd that does not work…

There are a lot of people running invidious instances. Some are not always available. I generally don’t care about resolution when I’m on the phone, so I’m a bit ignorant of the quality issues :frowning:

I just did a search for björk on and started the ancestress video in 720p /mp4 and it ‘just works’. So, maybe check another instance?

I’m looking at building an invidious wrapper.

EDIT: just did a download test and out came a 1280x720 mp4. So, looks pretty usable to me :slight_smile:

An invidious wrapper would be awesome, i don’t care about quality too, so automatic was selected, and noticed 720 lags that much, maybe it’s just on the xa2 and you have a newer device…

Not really a problem since i could select 360, but invidious seems missing a pause button (or i couldn’t find it in the instance i tried) so a wrapper would be very much appreciated :slight_smile:

I have app which can search videos using invidious API and then play it in Webview. But I need to change invidious instance because since some time ago webpage in Webview shows me that video is unavailable.

Ah, did you try using Select instance - Invidious ? I was thinking of implementing a picker based on health as the redirect shows.

You should probably use Piped instead of invidious, it’s a lot more reliable and proxies googlevideo unlike most Invidious instances. and are the official instances that work well, but if you really want reliable service it’s easy to run your own, like I do.

Have tried this but is not giving me any results, while invidious is almost perfectly working…

I currently get results on both instances I listed and invidious has obviously problems being reliably only, the reasons exists in the 1st place. Not sure what’s wrong on your side.