Your feedback on 10 iii and ii touchscreen events? Difficult to click URL's, v-hard to click+hold/double-tap for new-tab/copy-text operations

Playing around with a 10 iii with a fresh install of on it.

The speed of the machine is evident in the silky way the desktop/webpage responds to scrolling up and down with a finger slide…

… but touch interactions with the web browser!
They ignore/miss regularly, require incredible precision.
I frequently have to zoom in massively, repeatedly stabbing at the hyperlink to get the browser to respond to a command.

And I really struggle doing the following two operations (that work flawlessly on my old XA2 Plus - despite struggling a bit performance wise):

1. Click and hold on a hyperlink to prompt for “Open in a new tab”
Can get it to work on big hyperlink buttons, but not on reddit style text hyperlinks.
I can see the hyperlink highlighting under my finger, but screen is still jittering and mostly fails to prompt the pop-up.

2. Double tap on text to prompt for copy-n-paste functionality
This can be done if I really try, but in day to day operations it often simply fails to respond.
And if it does respond by opening the copy quotes on text, i can’t seem to get the follow through to accept the selection for copying.
The quotes just sit there on the screen, allowing me to adjust the amount of selectable text forever.

n.b. I should say that my generally pleasant web navigation experience on the XA2 Plus has been using Firefox, but in writing this I have tried the same operations on both phones using the Jolla browser, and the user interaction is easier and more reliable on the old XA2 Plus.

What has been your experience with the Xperia 10 iii/ii?
Have you any experience with the 10 iii/ii relative to other SFOS devices you have used?

Many thanks

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I have the same problen on the 10II and for me it also worked without issues on the XA2

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Thank you, i was wondering whether i should widen this to the 10 ii too given the similarity of the hardware/software to the 10 iii.

For me the screen of the X10 III is just to slippy. That’s the reason why it is so difficult to keep finger in one position for (quite too long for my liking) gestures like “tap and hold”. The finger simply slightly slides which cancels the gesture. The surface of my XA2 Ultra display is much less slippy. I guess I will have to put some foil on the 10 III display to reduce this slip.

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Thank you. This sounds like what I describe above:
“I can see the hyperlink highlighting under my finger, but screen is still jittering and mostly fails to prompt the pop-up.”

I can confirm this behavior on Xperia 10 II. It’s close to impossible to keep the screen from scrolling, when trying to do a long press on a UI element that is too small, be it link in browser or other. The screen just can’t be still enough to trigger the event.

I also note that many times I have to tap twice on some element, e.g. a link, to activate it. First tap “marks” it and only second tap follows it.

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Thank you.

Question for all:
#1 - is this a problem that is known about internally?
#2 - if not, would it be a good idea to raise this at one of the Community meetings?

On my X 10 II with SFOS it is nearly impossible to open a link in a new browsertab by tap and hold. No problem with firefox.
To open an appfolder in appgrid I have to tap twice mostly.
It was the same with SFOS

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I am also experiencing a similar problem with the browser, especially for links which are close to the top of the page, are very difficult to get activated with a single touch. Rotating the device to landscape mode, activation of such links works better.

Running firefox over AD (on the same device xperia iii), the same page in portrait mode, top of the page links can get activated easily with a single touch.

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Thank you, i have updated the thread title to make it specific to both 10 ii and 10 iii models.

Yes, having reinstalled Firefox (which i didn’t want to have to do), i too find that neither of the two listed problems show up:
click-n-hold pops up the “new tab” window
double-tap brings up properly functioning copy-n-paste functionality

This is something that bothers me on daily basis, too. I suspect the press-and-hold area is so small, that the touch is too easily considered a drag gesture instead. I think there might be a dconf setting for it… (There is one for the edge swipe sensitivity, at least)

Edit: A quick search didn’t reveal anything obvious on that front.

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Feels like something Jolla should be concerned about, rather than expecting users to need to be…

Because in Firefox the “tap and hold” gesture timeout (the amount of time you need to hold it for the gesture to start working) is much shorter, like 1 second, whereas in the built in browser it is very (way too) long, like 2 seconds. So in case of Firefox, your finger on those slippery screens of the X10 II and III won’t manage to slip too far within that single second to cancel the gesture, whereas in the built-in browser it will slip far enough. I often literally struggle to keep the finger still, and I can see how it moves despite my efforts. Like someone said, it is especially apparent in screen areas where it is even more difficult to keep the finger dead-still while holding it in hand, e.g. in the top part.

I often place the 10 III flat on a table and only then I use the tap and hold gesture in the built-in browser. Doing it with the phone in hand is often mission impossible, especially if the text is small.

Solution? I guess shorten the tap-and-hold timeout to match the one in Firefox, i.e. twice shorter… Even without this slip issue (e.g. on the XA2 Ultra, where the screen isn’t anywhere near that slippy and it is easy to keep the finger still) such a long tap-and-hold timeout is still really annoying. I always feel that I am just wasting time having to keep it like this 3 seconds or so.

As for double tap, in one of the updates (along with updating the browser engine) the browser introduced a general unresponsiveness. Even a single tap to open a link sometimes needs to be repeated (sometimes even a few times) before it catches up.


Can you create a post in the section bug reports with all necessary information? @PeegeeTips

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Happy to do so, but would it make sense to simply restructure this thread with a “Bug” tag?

The description and follow on discussion is pretty structured…

It helps a lot when all bug reports use the template. and this thread can simply be linked