Xperia XA2 plus No wifi after rollback to android

I reinstalled android on my Xperia XA2 Plus since i was about to give it away but after reinstaling android wifi doesn’t work.
I haven’t tried a sim-card yet so i don’t know if that works.
I used the instructions for installing android from Reinstalling Sailfish OS
I even tried to flash android one more time and also firmware but it didn’t help.
What do i need to do to get wifi working in android?

I don’t think the XA2 is affected, but for completeness: some Android phones refuse to turn on WiFi until they know where in the world they are - and get that information from a cellular connection.

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I tried today with a sim card and internet worked with sim card but still no luck with wifi.
When i run the guide to setup wifi it doesn’t find any networks.

Isn’t there some button combination that force reboots the device? To me that looks like it just needs a good ol’ cold boot (or removing the battery for a while, if only) in order to get going, since it worked before.

Have you checked out this resource?

That appears to be a generic search result spam article that is automatically generated with every phone model name. There is nothing substantial at all there, let alone anything specific to the XA2.
If i didn’t recognize you as a longtime user, i’d have reported your post as spam - because this is exactly the type of content that they usually post.

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Exactly what I thought after reading his message and following the embedded link.

Maybe @aspergerguy’s account has been taken over. :wink:

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