Xperia X10 - Android 10 -> Downgrade to 9 neccessary?


just happy to purchased a X10 and a licencse, now I really want to get it started but running into the Android 10 problematic, of course, my used bought device is already on Android 10.

In the guide is written that it is ‘your phone should run Android 9’, so there is a possibility that it also works flawless if Android 10 is already running?

As I could not found a trustable image download for Android 10 on the known sources Xperia Downloader (all 10’ers), XDA Board, 4PDA, I would like to know if it is really necessary to downgrade to Android 9.

Thanks for a fast reply and/or a mirror link for some EU image.

Best wishes Kalipus

FWIW, I recalled that this (first post) suggests that Android 10 would not work out well, unfortunately.
Hopefully, further info on your whole query will be forthcoming.

edit: also a Zendesk page confirms (in)compatibility:

I am just searching a link for a firmware image, do you have one?

I don’t, sorry - just posted above to maybe avoid another phone bricking! That said…

With the disclaimer that I am pretty much an idiot by standards of this forum, I could tip you that my copy of Xperifirm brings up some fsc for the X10 - take that as you will.
I’m sorry this isn’t the cleanest start for you so far - feeling your pain as I took the whole DirtyCow DRM side route as well (X, not X10 tho). Tough times.

I realise for you, the Android downgrading is a pre-condition for Sailfish X installation (arguably, more official help could be provided with that), but with things as they are, maybe the Android ROM side of things is better covered by e.g. here?

no problem, i also just registered and have no idea about specific rules here.
Currently not in the mood and no time for reading through pages of peoples issues, I just need that image and then I find my way, not my first phone which I will root and put some new image on it, doing this for 8 years…

@JSEHV There should really be the images for the phones somewhere and linked on the guide, if this is a must-have condition that Android 9 is running.

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First ran into problems using Flashtool with Xperia 10 I3113 as there is only an .fsc for I4113 Dual Sim in devices database hence had to use NewFlasher, which is the way to go for newer devices.

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Is this a joke??

I bought a licence, i want now to install this OS and use the software, GIVE ME A SOLUTION

You can get the stock firmware from here:
You need a special flash tool for downgrading though. See instructions here:


First ensure exact model.
I have Sony XPERIA 10 Plus I4213

  1. install Android 9 (for Sony XPERIA 10 Plus I4213 it is 53.0.A.14.47 firmware)

1. how to install Android 9 Pie for Sony XPERIA 10 Plus
a) download and unpack this package

Warning – if you want to make clean installation, you dont need to make any changes. If you want to make only update (without factory reset), you need to remove userdata file from unpacked folder before you continue.

I had to use linux newflasher

For ubuntu:
ctrl+alt+t (open terminal)

sudo apt-get install gcc libexpat-dev libz-dev make

sudo apt-get install libusb

git clone newflasher
make -C newflasher
cd ~/Downloads

(ensure You downloaded I4213_EU_53.0.A.14.47.rar at step 1a to ~/Downloads folder)

sudo apt-get install unrar
unrar x I4213_EU_53.0.A.14.47.rar
cd I4213_EU_53.0.A.14.47
rm newflasher.*
mv  * ~/newflasher
cd ~/newflasher

b) turn off your phone and connect phone to PC with holding volume down button
c) start NewFlasher from unpacked folder

sudo ./newflasher

Reboot mode at the end of flashing:
typa ‘a’ for reboot to android, type ‘f’ for reboot to fastboot, type ‘s’ for reboot to same mode, type ‘p’ for poweroff, and press ENTER.

d) every time NewFlasher ask you, hit
e) after few minutes all is done and your phone gets new firmware

when u see:
Sent command: powerdown.

End. You can disconnect your device when you close newflasher
Closing device.
then unplug device and power on
wait about 5 to 10min until rebooted

If U succeed:
Continue to sailfish installation instructions
firefox &


Good guide, but you did not read what I wrote.

  1. Have no X10 Plus
  2. Not using Linux

Maybe it’s a dumb question, but have you already tried Sony’s Emma tool to reflash your phone with its stock Android 9 version?

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No question is dumb.

I tried someday, but not working then and now, Emma has here days again and not recognizing the device.

Emma won’t recognise device if bootloader has not yet been unlocked. You just need to download “Commercial & Journalists” 53.0.A2.139-R1A (Android 9 Pie) using Xperifirm. You can then flash it to device using NewFlasher.


What’s wrong with enabling the boot loader and then using the Emma tool? The way I read it, SFOS should be flashed anyway and that only works with an open boot loader.


I would also say the simplest way to downgrade is to use official Emma Tool from Sony.
@Kalipus: When Emma not working for you - i would first solve this problem. Because all other solutions would be not so straightforward and easy like Emma.
So, downgrade with Emma and than flash sailfishos. Maybe try Emma on another computer?


I have an Xperia 10 Dual SIM model I4113.
Could you give me a reliable link to a valid ROM (Android 9)?
I have the same issue and need to downgrade to Android 9 from 10.
Note that I am a Linux user and will follow your instruction with newflasher.
Best regards

You (i.e anyone complaining about Emma ‘not detecting’ his/her phone) are presumably missing the detailed instructions provided here. Read them carefully, it really works, it’s fast and reliable and you don’t have to count on unofficial/obscure sources to download Android.


It works perfectly!
Great instructions
I would just add that Emma must be downloaded from sony developper website and no from otherwise a login/password is required
Thanks for all

I managed to downgrade my xperia 10 plus. Just google it, there are loads of YouTube videos and links on the net on how to do it. It was quite easy. But you wont be able to go back to 10 easily enough.

Just to give a feedback for anyone else needing to downgrade to android 9.
This method works:

Just tested.