Xperia X + SFOS4 = massive regression => back to SFOS3

After weeks of disappointment, multiple incidents and massive UX regressions with SFOS4.4 since my XperiaX/SFOS3.4 crashed and was bricked after an unsolicited update, I am considering to re-flash it after a new factory reset, without device encryption (which breaks the fingerprint reader) and not going beyond SFOS3.4.

If you strongly believe I should not do that, feel free to warn me against it.
Wish me good luck anyway.

There is no such thing.

Your vague ranting about issues not seen by most is getting pretty tiresome to read.
Either put up [bug reports] or… you know.

I can’t imagine encryption breaking the fingerprint reader; how are you sure it is not some specific update? And is there a bug report for this? What troubleshooting has been done?

Yes, staying on an old version with known security issues is a bad idea. And forfeiting the best update for years (4.4 and the new browser engine) will make it pretty miserable.


There is. Try yourself: if you prefer an older version of an app (say app “A”) that is published in Openrepos or in Jolla store, every time you install or update any other app (say app “B”), your old version of “A” will be superseded by the newer one, even if you only want “B” without changing “A”.

In my case, incidents began when SeaPrint and some unidentified apps were updated simultaneously last month, bricking my device instantaneously.

It sounded like you meant in the OS; and for it there most certainly aren’t.

Neither will there be such scenarios in the Jolla Store. I have updated plenty of single apps with others pending without any unexpected effects.
In OpenRepos however, applications are allowed to have whatever dependencies they please and also provide arbitrary libraries through the same repositories. Here some sort of chain reaction could perhaps be triggered, but not really different than any other Linux distro.
I wonder if perhaps the SeaPrint Sharing Plugin (important distinction) can do something here. It has close dependencies to OS version. The intended functionality however is to limit the version of it corresponding to the OS version… and unless you’d have repos already switched over to some newer version, i can’t see anything other than failure to install happening.

Regarding the fingerprint bug report you link; that is for Xperia 10 II, has nothing to do with encryption, not permanent, and has a known (temporary) remedy.


It is always a small number of people with a large number of rants.


Hello, still happily using Xperia X with SFOS4.4 with no major issue but Aptoid and F-doid seems not working. I didn’t had time for any investigation (also had no need for new android app.). Hopping it helps

Aurora Store and APKpure work.

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I saw f-droid working too on 4.4. It was empty all the time and I had to do something with the permissions, IIRC.
Dunno exactly as not using so much but worth tinker/tweak a bit IMO.

I have Fdroid fine working on 4.4 without any complaints, but much issues running other Android software mainly games. However my Fdroid is also older installation (originally, just have updated it) dating to much earlier SFOS update. Issues I’m having Android software are all with NEW installations. Software installed before update doesn’t seem to have these issues.

That should not cause issues either, when using apps from developers who set the dependencies correctly (most do), but one is easily hit by “[Bug] /usr/libexec/sailfish-osupdateservice osupdate-check sets ssu re” when staying on an old SailfishOS release. If you did not use the workarounds described there, your revised description is probable; still your exaggerated language comes across as a rant, which is detrimental, if you really want some support (and not just rant).


Oh, no these issues were reported and actually there was a quite heated discussion about the state after 3.3
I still insist that too many things got broken after 3.3. I still keep on the Xperia X.

And these bug reports are where? I neither saw or noticed anything out of the ordinary.


First of all the bugs are on our phones (obviously)
Secondly they were raised during the years starting at TJC and after this continuing here.
My personal issue is the obvious lack of testing and regression of functionality.
I must admit some things get better, so obviously bugs are being fixed, but I assume I will not reach too far, if I say that some voices are not being heard. I don’t want to start this discussion again. You just ask, I just answer.
The asking and answering itself is not forbidden, but I ask myself what is the purpose of the question?

You can read here, if you wish: There is NO way this update was tested. Nothing hardly works - #241 by toner_cloud

I asked about bug reports.

You say this like i haven’t been here all along.

That is not a bug report, it is just a rant-fest. With several opinion-only parts, and things that are out of Jolla’s control mixed in.

The purpose of my question?
Calling out the unsubstantiated made-up “3.x was better” that is poisoning the discussion and distracting from the real issues.


I “love” people who know better. Also in the bug description there are actually many bugs described. I hope you have read it. If not please do once again.
I do not intend to argue with you. In fact if you can prove that these things are solved, please do so.
I could also do a list for you, but I think you can handle it yourself.
Also please be constructive … no need to teach me how I should see the product.
The OS is great - I have only a problem with the mentality and I doubt you can do anything about it.
Once again - this same mentality lead to these same people being forced by Nokia to solve their bugs or they would be fired and guess what … they solved all of the bugs in Harmattan 1.2
So they can … but they don’t want, because it costs. And this is unfair. Some bugs are really annoying. I must admit that most annoying one in my use cases was solved - look here [3.4.0 onwards] Bluetooth turning on doesn't work

And now tell me if it is normal to release such mess?
If you are OK with this … well it is your choice, but I am actually sorry for you - and this above is just an example.
I can understand that there might be some minor glitches in new releases, but it actually shouldn’t happen.

Also I see they are constantly changing APIs and things in the system - I do not know why - there is surely a reason … but it should not break things, however it does and they do it again and again and they do not listen and they do not learn … well this is called a habit and it is “criminal”.


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If you have idea how community can improve testing, I invite you to comment this issue:

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Thank you for still replying to this guy but I am afraid even reading his sermons on how everything in his life turns out bad because of SF is a waste of time. This forum is so much better with a well adjusted killfile.


I forgive in peace and love. I hope you grow up soon.