Xperia Tama port: AOSP10/aarch64 release

BTW Are all the old bugs present on github still valid for aosp 10/aarch64?

Cleaned up a bit. Few were resolved by moving the base and adding few options to the kernel.

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I’ll ask it here -before opening a bug wherever appropriate- cause it might be a general issue instead of a port one.

Do you get haptic feedback when typing numbers on the calculator?

Unless it is proven otherwise on Xperia 10 II, I am sure it is upstream bug and not of the port. :slight_smile: Can reproduce it on my Tama.

it’s also reproduce-able, i.e. no haptic feedback on XA2 too
(ps blame autocorrection for unproduceable before)

I don’t understand your reply: do you get haptic feedback in calculator? I don’t on Tama.

OK. i’ll file bug. (20 charrsss)

There is no haptic feedback on the Xperia 10 II in calculator. Neither in phone dialer.

I have changed zgovernor policy to avoid touching CPU. Not sure it is related - could be casual - but there are some issues with the battery level reporting on Tama/AOSP10/aarch64. Issue at Battery level is not always reflecting its actual state · Issue #157 · sailfishos-sony-tama/main · GitHub . Problems disappeared after couple charge/discharge cycles for me when I changed zgovernor policy.

Policy update is incorporated into new config packages and you could get it by update through zypper and reboot:

# as root
zypper ref
zypper up

By accident, kernel packages (but not kernels) were rebuilt. So, those are pulled as well. After reboot, you will get into SONY logo, reboot again bit later, and then to GUI. As with any update involving new kernel.

Keep an eye on battery indicator and let me know via Github issue whether you had the problem and whether it disappeared after some time with the new settings.

I suspect it could increase power drain, but hard to judge how much. For me drain seems to be OK.

I noticed the battery acting weird after the change to AOSP 10 and i was scared shitless thinking i had a HW issue. Good to know its SW related.

Follow the issues at Github and report them :slight_smile: .