Xperia Tama port: release

This is to announce SFOS update for Xperia Tama devices: XZ2, XZ2c, and XZ3. Please read release notes and description below before update.

As mentioned in the release notes, there is now a flickering of SONY logo during a boot. See issues linked in the notes for details.

Waydroid configuration is now provided together with device configs. So, update should uninstall package waydroid-gbinder-config-hybris. This package is not needed in Tama devices and will cause a conflict if installed.

For Waydroid users, I have managed to get it working only using the latest Waydroid images. Older image had to be updated with waydroid internal update command, that went quite smoothly.

For OTA users, update from That is the update path that I have tested. At the moment of writing (13 Feb 2023) only OTA has had a limited testing. So, early adopters, please report how it went. If someone preferred to flash the image, please report as well. For those wishing to be on the safer side, wait till more users would have a chance to test the release.

Images will be generated as soon as I can and made available accordingly.

Edit: OTA release has been added. Note regarding update at Xperia Tama port: release - #6 by rinigus


Update went fine on the XZ2 Compact, had flickering Sony Logo too but i don’t care.

And it seem Jolla doesn´t test the Linebreak in Lockscreen for 18:9-Displays/Devices/Screen-Resolutions:

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The phone exploded, it burned my desk, laptop and cat. (j/k)

The installation went fine at the usual SFOS slow pace. I’ll report in case i find anything weird.

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I have encountered that Screen-Flickering also happens on the Glance-Screen (i have activated it with mcetool) but only at the lowest Screen-Brightness/in dark environment. When it happen actually in dark enviroments the flickering stops immediately when i presented the phone/sensor to higher lightsource and vice versa.

Duh. Have tested different screen sizes and aspect ratios, but good reminder to test the worst cases with german :slight_smile:


Just added to OBS and it should be ready for update.

Note that during an update, my screen went blank. As I am usually running those via ssh, it wasn’t a problem. However, local terminal users could be in a situation where it is not clear whether update has finished.

So, if possible, update via remote login. Otherwise, be ready to wait with some significant buffer time (no idea how much) before rebooting blindly.


Man of culture :+1:

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OTA for is available. Cannot change the title of the post - hence just notification via this message.


I updated an xz2c to and battery drain went from about 10% overnight to about 25%, with no apps open. Anyone else?

Didn’t notice anything different in that regard TBH.

The XZ2c in my household on looses about 2 %/h when in flight mode over the night. With WiFi switched on about 3.5 %/h.

On my xz2 compact also about under 1-2% per hour with flightmode and energy saving enabled over night.

It seems the Sony XZ2 Compact Port ignores the settings in /etc/dconf/db/vendor.d/jolla-camera-hw.txt

I hope i can change the Video-Settings to FullHD (1920x1080) at 60Hz but it always records in 3840 x 2160 @25fps.

Is this a limitation of the used AOSP-Camera-Driver?
Is that Resolution/Framerate hardcoded in the Driver?

Even Advaced Camera Settings are ignored!

In Waydroid with OpenCamera the Driver crashing when try FullHD@60Hz!

No idea regarding it. Would have to test whether I have the same limitation on my device. Or maybe someone else can reproduce and/or give tips?

@fingus: I could switch to 1920x1080 with 21.3fps stream using Advanced Camera. That’s on XZ2 and XZ2c. Not 60 fps though, or don’t know where to set it

PS: OpenCamera/Waydroid set FPS to 30 by default, 60fps leads to some camera error

Updated Xperia XZ3 ➛➛ and The updates went smoothly. Waydroid needed the “waydroid upgrade” command to start working again.

First off, thank you! This restored my hope in Sailfish, as my old Xperia 10 was unbearably slow and this XZ2 port has brought me back. Waydroid is a bit slow, but I only need to use it for limited tasks, so I’m stoked.

Some random notes/bugs (device is XZ2 h8216):

  • Waydroid initially didn’t want to start after install. I upgraded to and removed encryption and then had no issues. Waydroid has some issues, but it otherwise exceeds my expectations,
  • Bluetooth doesn’t turn on, as per issue #198 on github I do the following in terminal to resolve it afterr each reboot:
rfkill unblock all
rfkill block bluetooth
rfkill unblock bluetooth
systemctl stop bluetooth.service
systemctl start bluetooth.service
  • Mobile internet wasn’t working (Wi-Fi is completely fine), as per issue #199 on github I closed Waydroid and it resolved the issue.
  • Install and updates have gone smoothly.
  • Email app has sync issues, but is generally okay. Email in Waydroid allows me to confirm if I missed emails or not.

During a call, there is no call recording button. In the application settings, Conversation Recording is enabled. Ver. OS Firmware H8266.

Yes, it probably is not visible. And, as you have added the same message to corresponding issue at Github, it hasn’t been working for me either. Fortunately, as it is community port, anyone is welcome to work on fixing it.

Is ready to download/install for this port?