Xperia 10III LED color

I have Xperia XA2 with SFOS and the led uses differrent color for every event. (Green for call, blue for SMS, white for charging, etc…)
I bought an Xperia 10III, installed SFOS Everything works well, but the led uses just one color (green) for all events.
Is it the normal operation for 10III or…?

Thanks for any reply

You might want to read this comment:

But no, it’s not normal. The 10iii has strange colors (the yellow is greenish) and it refuses to blink, but there are indeed several colours,. blue for message, white for charging, greenish-yellowish for e-mail.

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My 10 III uses the following led colours:

*Green for charging and missed calls
*Blue for messages
*Red when shutting down (and turning on?)

I would say that your experience isn’t normal behaviour.

EDIT: Ah, my reply came a bit late. Yes, there might be a bit of a difference in the tone of green for different purposes. However, I have never seen a white / bright LED…

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My led is green while charging.

You’re right! Maybe it’s only white when charging is finished. I recall seeing it white in some contexts.

Same for me. I have always mildly wondered about only using blue and green in service, and being unable to tell if you missed a call when it is on the charger.
Is this in fact a bug? It is certainly non-optimal.

Just to be clear for everyone.

There are led colours on XA2 are follows:
Blinking green for missed phone call.
Blinking blue for messages (such as SMS, Messenger, Viber, etc…)
Static white during charge and blinking white when charged.
Blinking yellow like for e-mail.
Static red during turn on/off.
Static blue/green for “hacking” bootloader.

As You see, I’ve been used to a very informative and obvious led colours.

That’s why I was surprising, when I experienced on 10III only these:
Static green for missed call, e-mail, charging and bootloader.
Static blue for messages and bootloader.
Static red during turn on/off.
No white, no yellow, no blinking.

Thanks for idea.
I’ve both of phone and compared 20hybris-led.ini files which are absolutely same.
So, this problem looks depend not software, rather hardware.

That’s correct. It’s not a problem with your device, it’s how it is with SFOS hardware support on the 10iii.
(I mentioned white by mistake, probably I only remember it from my previous XA2.)

From the same thread I quoted previously: