Xperia 10 phantom touch screen touches and swipes

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100%
BUILD ID = OS VERSION (Settings > About product): 3.4.0
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): Xperia 10
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): ?


I see this happening every day: Random touches and swipes are not recognized and happen somewhen later, like done by a phantom.






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hardware issue. had the same. or better have the same. bend ohone slightly or press it ion both ends,. you can also search in the forumand you will find hints like checking the cobnector of the display…

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have it too, on both devices. changed both, one even 2 times. Still, I guess all are broken.
I am sorry for Jolla that Sony (Foxconn to be precise) delivered faulty hardware for their choice.
Thats why I’d buy a X10 2 ASAP

I’ve made a similar observation of delayed reaction on user action:
On logging in to the phone from a laptop via ssh, sometimes it happens that the echo of keyboard inputs appear on the screen with a number of seconds delay.

Probably similar to the screen freeze often discussed on together like e.g.

I’ve made calls to random contacts that way - annoying…

In my case the issue disappeared after battery replacement.
I carefully reassemled esp. the screen connector/plug.
And I found, that the battery plug cover wasn’t installed right so this little metal shield was likely pushing the screen from the back all the time.

So the issue is caused by the phone not being properly assemled and if one is willing to remove and reattach the screen it’s most likely mendable.



yes, it’s the same problem. I have both off this issues.
Bending seems to be the trick, so ist a hardware problem. I will try to go for the warranty.

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I had the same problem and already ordered a replacement display from aliexpress.
But - the problem magically disappeared after updating to 4.0.1 EA.
I can’t find anything in the release notes addressing this issue and I just used the update for a few hours, so it might be coincidence. Anyway, if my phone starts behaving strangely again I will report.

I have the same every now and then… It usually leads into making a video call from a WhatsApp chat, but messes up browsing and closes keyboard, too. Really annoying!

I think I should open and clean my XA2U but I’m afrail I’ll break it… :sweat_smile:

Ok, forget it, now after some days it is as bad as it was before.
Still: The behaviour is very strange. It is baerly usable (typing is anightmare) for many month and just after the update the problems magically dissapear. After some time using the new release it gets bad as it always was. It makes me believe that the problem might be somehow software-related.
Did anyone having this problem flash back to Android and check whether the behaviour is the same?

Had the same with my Xperia 10. Nothing at the beginning. After roughly 1 year of phone lifetime the phantom touches started became increasingly worse over some weeks. However they sometimes disappeared for some hours. Touchscreen csd test sometimes showed full functionality, sometimes errorneous regions.
I found some forum entry (not on a sailfish forum) which pointed towards a weak battery as a reason, but can’t seem to find it anymore. It went something like the battery doesn’t reach the full voltage potential anymore and thus the capacitive touchscreen sensors get confused since its reference voltage changes. Potentially you may observe increased errors with less battery charge.

Long story short I didn’t want to change to a new phone. So I thought about changing battery and/or display. Since the battery was the cheaper part I started with that. Replaced the battery by myself with a new original battery which entirely solved the ghost touches issue. Never appeared since.

Here and here a nice guides.Takes about 2 hours if you’ve never done it before.
Two more hints: you need a Torx T6 screw driver which is sometimes not contained in those phone repair kits you find online. Use liquid glue (like T-7000) for reassembly of the display, it’s much easier to apply and holds better than the glue stripes from the repair kits. I fixated the display with six laundry clamps until the glue had dried (24-48 hours).

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I should add that it was ghost touches and unresponsiveness of the display, sometimes alternating.

I have the same issue with Xperia 10, sad if it’s really the hardware, as I just bought the phone last April. I had such issues many years ago with some other phone and software also. This should not happen.
Another reason why Jolla should work with phones in future, where it’s easier to change the battery.

I changed the display around a week ago. Ghosting and unresponsiveness vanished. So my guess that it was somehow software related can be disregarded. Strange enough that it seems ok to change either battery or display.
On a sidenote: The screen replacement procedure is relatively easy. With my cheap tools and only little experience it took around 30 minutes…
I wish that it was like that on other phones (Changing display on the XA2 was a nightmare for me - I got impatient in the end and broke my earpiece in the last teardown step :cry:)