4th Xperia 10 unresponsive screen

I have a Xperia 10 and X 10 plus. I know this has been discussed on JT a lot of times but it is driving me cracy:
I sent both devices back and got new ones, without any change. Both are sometimes unresponsive (touchscreen) even after a reflash. I just reflashed and could not even enter the lock code.
What helps: Staying on the fingerprint sensor
laying the device down
pressing power on and off several times
bending does NOT help
this is driving me nuts. I’d be glad for ANY help, tia
seems this has been a problem since Jolla1

I have the same here with X10 plus. Actioning the power button helps. Sometimes one need to push it twice. The phone itself continues to run normally, so this is just a matter of stale UI. If you’re logged into the phone via ssh, you can see that it runs normally. Switching off dalienalvik helped for me. You may try that. I use mainly SFOS Apps, so I’m not too dependent on it.

I’ve being there…merely unusable device due to unresponsive screen…drove me mad.

(The phantom touch input was just the cherry on top - main issue was the unresponsiv screen.)

After replacing the battery the issue disappeared completly.

I’m convinced the bad assembly was the cause of the whole madness in the first place.

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press the top and botttom edges and slightly bend slightly , helpsallways

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personally I think it is a combination of HW and SW

It only appears when aliendalvic is active and several android apps are running.

I had it yesterday without aliendalvik running. I will try the solution from pawel, once it appears again. Isn’t this an issue of warranty by Sony? Hm… Thanks @tobset I think your comment enlightened the issue and we can close this

If it is warranty they will deny repair due to the unlocked bootloader… https://developer.sony.com/develop/open-devices/get-started/unlock-bootloader/

EU law still mandates they repair it, regardless of whether the user installed unofficial software on it. It’s only if the manufacturer can prove that the problems were caused by installing unofficial software, that they can refuse (to pay for repair costs).


That is the fact.
But if Sony does not care about?
Especially as you explicitly agreed on that when requesting the unlock code.

Would you sue them at court??

Customer’s rights organisations can do it in your stead, but usually writing a strongly worded letter is sufficient to make them follow the law. E.g.

  • By refusing to repair my device, you’re in breach of EU law
  • I’ll report this to national media
  • I’ll report this to the customer’s rights organisation (which has excellent lawyers)

Thanks, I have questioned the denial and keep you guys posted.

The forum does not allow me to repost the text twice, so here the link to my reply: Claiming warranty on Xperia 10, should I reflash Android, lock the bootloader?