Xperia 10 IV vs Xperia 10 V

Considering that AOSP binaries for the 10 IV have been available since July 2022, i.e. for more than 10 months, if the 10 IV port hasn’t been finished or far come for many months then all this doesn’t really make much sense as this whole Sony/AOSP path was originally meant to allegedly allow rapid and easy porting of SFOS to new devices.

Here is the question and answer in the Community Meeting.

The question:
Will Xperia 10 IV receive an official port?

  • This topic has been brought up before.
  • It would just be good to know if there are any news on
    what the next supported device will be.
  • Is it plausable, possible or probable that the Xperia
    10 IV will reveive an official port?
  • Is there a designated place on the forum or elsewhere
    where one can find information about this, or could such a place be
  • I know of quite a few people who have a 10IV and are
    waiting to install Sailfish on it.
  • Should we just wait for any news to be published on
    the blog?
  • Thanks!

The Answer


I really hope they not continue and drop it.

If they continue it is because the community helps or they see it as worth while to do it anyway. What is it to you? I guess your hope is that they rather focus on fixing the 10 III or start working on the 10 V? That I do understand.


Well, it’s kinda scary to hear that they’ve only done some “preliminary work” and haven’t yet decided, considering that the 10 IV binaries have been available since July 2022.

So if 10 V binaries come out in July-August 2023, when will they decide about it? In June 2024?

Stop being such a negative Nelly. It helps nobody.
SFOS sales alone are very likely not profitable, treating it like any other large-scale consumer utility only sets you up for disappointment. Put yourself in their shoes for once.


Available yes, but Work in Progress, as you can see on this page.


And they still are Work in Progress, so what does it change?

I do. And hence the suggestion to skip the 10 IV and this way have more resources available to support the 10 V and possibly also be able to focus on it sooner than having to take care about the 10 IV first would allow them otherwise…

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I think it is safe to assume they aren’t focusing on getting a port for 10 IV, maybe now putting it off for soon focusing on the 10 V. If there is enough community help with the 10 IV port it might happen, otherwise not. Maybe they view it as less work for them and therefore a viable option.

I don’t think it reasonable to assume they will be as late on the 10 V. Maybe they did the ground work on the 10 IV because of requests from the community and to make it easier for the community to contribute.

I would really like if someone could at some tell us “this” is the situation we are in, that is what we have the capacity to do and we need help with those things from the community.
Just to be transparent, get the help they need and also for us to have the expectations we should.
It’s not a secret that the company is not doing great with what we already know, but if we know what to expect at least we might have been able to help one way or the other instead of only focusing in our issues, from the user side.


A rather telling answer. Suggests it is not a part of the companies corporate roadmap.

Well, “stuff” is not finished, things are going to break / go wrong. and one would want a stable phone yes? That is why they said “preliminary work” take a look at this and this comment that makes it clear that it is not ready.

This is the blog people should look at for when the blobs are ready:

And even then: This is the text for 10 III
Note: The software binaries for these devices are initial platform support. Some functions are still in progress

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I would rather say that Sony’s AOSP binaries are never really finished and polished. They don’t get a fraction of care and polish that their stock “firmwares” do. Of which the best confirmation is the 10 III note quoted by yourself:

… which sounds like an excuse for never bringing it to a fully reliable and functional level (quite possibly on purpose).

So, whether for some device there is a “Work In Progress” note or not doesn’t really mean that those without such note are finished and complete. Maybe it’s more like alpha vs. beta. And it’s quite possibly intentional, as I bet that Sony does not really want to be freely offering an AOSP platform anywhere near comparable in terms of quality and stability to their own Android so that it can be used to build for their hardware competing software solutions.

Hence my question “what does it change” - probably not much…

I don’t know if the 10 III binaries from February, 2022 had a “WIP” mark or not when Jolla decided to use them in SFOS, but they still had severe issues like display color banding, echo, excessive power drain, and more. On the other hand, since then Sony released three new binaries for the 10 III (maybe fixing some or all of those issues) but Jolla does not use them. So it’s kind of a vicious circle.

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