Xperia 10 III support

If you are in the EU, it is available on Amazon

It’s available literally everywhere. Mediamarkt, a lot of amazon sellers, local stores, net providers…


Does this table mean we should be expecting none less than a real speed demon descending upon us with the Xperia 10 III ?


… aand it’s here.


Just picked up mine from the local seller (yeah, it’s well available) and did a quick overall test run yesterday (mainly for VoLTE). Compared to X10II, its fast. Fast fast!

Everything seems to work - known issues pending - so far, and the UI feels slick! And because it has 6GB of RAM, there shouldn’t be any more OOM kills in my use. Right? :smiley:


I got sailfish-encryption-service taking 12% of cpu constantly. is it normal?
I thought maybe it’s first-time LUKS encryption, bit it was doing it for more than 18 hours now.

PS Didn’t set up anything yet, but it DOES feel snappy. Finally some upgrade over first X/10.

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I didn’t have issues with any process taking up more than 1-2% when idling…

I am using it now for 24h - its a worthy upgrade from my X10.
Everything is very smooth and browsing is fast again. It definitely makes more fun to use.

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Nobody has the issue with the screen switching on for no reason every 15-20 seconds?
Except for this, everything is awesome :smiley:

I remember restoring Android app data was a real pain on XA2 → X10 II migration. Just transferring Android settings / data would actually be good enough - apps can be reinstalled easily. bluntly states Android stuff is not backed up.

Let’s say I would like to take my chances with X10 II → III migration, what needs to be done?

Search results for 'android backup' - Sailfish OS Forum shows zero useful results.

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here is my 3 days experience with xperia 10 iii

In comparison with XA2 it’s a lot more smoother and faster, the long screen feels a bit strange but I got used to it, actually XA2 screen feels now too wide! No big issues, but there are some small bits that can be improved in my opinion:

  • notifications LED, e.g. email ones, has a very bright green colour and does not blink, sms notifications have a blue colour it does not blink either but brightness level is good.
  • screen automatic brightness seems to be very bright in low light, e.g. indoors.
  • there is no real dark theme for OLED screens, the default ones seems to drain the battery faster, I have replaced the background image with a black one and it seems battery consumption is improved.
  • BT connection to car stereo is established, (HPF, PBAP) but address book is not shared.

Fingerprint could be dirty. Have you try to deactivate it ?

In my case, battery drain very fast, between 15/20% in 12h, more than XA2 on (20-25% in 24h)

This together with the loading time when the passcode is input. Also there might be a bug in the audio. It seems like whenever a message comes in from whatsapp the audio switches to loudspeaker and the headphone is no longer recognised unless i try calling via the call app, can anyone help.

An open, honest question. Is anyone out there running SailfishX on Xperia 10 iii getting 5G service? And if so, can you share provider/location?

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How shold be a background picture formated so that it’s fitting into the screen of the 10 III?
For the XA2 I added 2 stripes…

Pretty sure that it has been answered at least twice already; it doesn’t seem to be enabled.
The fact that you stress that you are being “open and honest” makes me think you are being at least a little bit facetious.

Ambiance images should be square as always.

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This is a long standing bug. At least i have it on my ported device.

Try searching for it “5G” (Your search term is too short.), so really hard to tell as it’s not mentioned in release notes or anywhere else