[XPERIA 10 iii] deactivating second sim disables first sim as well?

Not sure if this is a bug, by design or if I’m just the only one with this:
As I use the Xperia 10 III (SF with one SIM only and a SD-card, I don’t need the second sim. So it came to my mind to simply disable the second sim card in the settings menu. Maybe it would save some system resources over time - who knows?
Having both sim slots activated, the first sim icon would reflect the signal quality accurately by showing a solid bar according to mentioned quality (filled low equals poor signal, filled completely equals perfect signal), while there is a grayed second sim-icon indicating that there is no second sim available (or connected), which is also perfectly fine. Left to the sim card icons there is also indicated if the device is connected to a 2G or 4G network, etc.
However, after deactivating the second sim-slot, the menu shows the first Sim still as active (bright dot next to it) but when switching back to the main screen, the indication in the upper right shows just one sim card with a small number ‘1’ in it (which is expected) but the icon looks like the inactive sim slot of the previous second sim (no solid indication of any signal quality). An indication of network type is missing completely and the icon of the second sim doesn’t show up.
And indeed, this is true as I’m not able to receive any phone calls nor can those be initiated.

Unless anyone can explain to me this weird inconsistency, I’d report it as a bug. Would someone of the other Xperia 10 II users here check as well?

My X10iii shows the icon as expected when deactivating the second sim slot. Does your problem survive a reboot?

Yes it is. I discovered this within my first day using the 10 III and have rebooted some times since.
Just to proof it again, here is what happens right after a forced reboot:

Maybe there is a problem with your SIM, because it shows an unknown provider.

It works fine though:
receiving calls, initiating calls, as well as sms and mobile data works also.
In the mobile network settings it is shown that it connects to O2 network, which is accurate.
The same sim was properly detected in my previous XA2.

I have exactly the problem with my xperia 10 iii.

Flashed SFOS on top of Android 12 …