[Xperia 10 iii][] Bluetooth auto connection delays

Well, not quite a bug, but I noticed delays when it comes to already-paired devices auto connection when activated.

E.g., when using my Xperia 10 ii (, my BT FreeBuds 3 are connected to the device 1 sec after I activate them.
Now, on my Xperia 10 iii, it takes longer to connect (4+ secs), and sometimes I must go to BT settings and manually connect them (not pair them, just connect them).

Again, this is not exactly a bug, but it makes things a bit awkward when, e.g., trying to reply to an incoming call.

Anybody else experiences this?


Yes, I have to manually connect them every time, they never auto connect on my X10III.

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That kind of behavior also here. If i keep bluetooth enabled, and power off and power on my earbuds, then it auto connects them. But if i turn off and turn on bluetooth, it never auto connects, and i have to manually connect them.

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Yes, you are right. I always keep BT off when not using it.

Same here. Although my Xperia10 III is already paired with my car and is set to auto connect, it never does and I have to connect manually from Bluetooth settings on the phone. With my XA2 on 4.3 it always automatically connected.

Speaker connected within second(s) but not Jabra headphones on Xperia 10. I even have to repeat manual connection several times sometimes.

+1 (auto-connect works fine on X, X Compact, XA2, XZ2 Compact, but not on 10 III)

I made it a bug report.


I confirm Blumenkraft:
If I keep Bluetooth enabled all the time, my Xperia 10 III connects directly with my car (Mazda 3) without delay. (I can receive a call, but no SMS so far.)
Every time when I disabled Bluetooth on the phone, I have to connect them manually afterwards.
→ So I leave Bluetooth activated. To save power, I deactivate “Mobile Data” or “WiFi” for longer periods when I don’t need it.