No bluetooth auto connect on Xperia 10 III



Paired Bluetooth device do not auto connect if Bluetooth was initial disabled. After every system reboot or disabling Bluetooth I have to manually connect the device. Ones that is done, auto connect works fine until next reboot or disabling Bluetooth.


Xperia 10 III with bluetooth disabled and one already paired Bluetooth device turned off.


  1. Activate bluetooth on phone
  2. Turn bluetooth device on
  3. Wait for connection


Bluetooth device gets connected to phone


Bluetooth device do not connect to phone


Only mod that is related to bluetooth is Patchmanager patch “Restart BT in SF Utilities” but disabling it does not help.


More users with same issue…


Which bluetooth device are you using?

Bragi The Headphone, Jaybird Bluebuds X (BBX1), yobola T2 Pro, JBL Charge2+ and Plantronics M75.

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Yesterday i had the same issue with my 10 Mk3 and Huwei AM-61.
I tried to disable and enable BT 5-10 times. No luck.
I didn’t try to use “Utilities”, I used “Forget this device” and pair it again.

If someone has a bluetooth device pairing automatically with his X10 III, is it possible to share a screenshot of the device’s settings? It’s under Settings->Bluetooth->Long press on working device, show device information.

I’m curious if a working device (one pairing automatically) has the profile AVRCP or not.

Mine has AVRCP and is auto connecting (expect the first connect must be done manually).

my headphones wh-1000xm4 don’t connect automatically

I don’t get it. What does mean first connection? On first power on of your bt device you have to manually connect?

After every system reboot I have to manually connect the device. Ones that is done, auto connect works fine until next reboot.

That’s an interesting information. May I ask you to update your bug report with this information, please?

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Come to think of it, i have probably been employing a workaround to this issue:
bluetoothctl trust <mac-address>

Must have found it on here somewhere, but can’t locate it at the moment.

With that, i only have a one or two connections per month that i have to help a bit.

There is a missing step. First one should be:

  1. Reboot your phone

No, you do not have to reboot, disabled Bluetooth is enough.

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Everytime i disable bluetooth, i have to manually connect the first time after enabling it. Or quoting myself:

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Confirmed on X10three, Aftershokz headphones and a cheap Chinese “BT Dialler” phone.

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This seems to be happening only with BT Headphone devices (as mentioned before, happens with my Freebuds 3 and my Creative speakers).

My Amazfit GTR is auto-connecting every time, even after reboots. I never had to manually connect it.
(Or maybe Piggz is “handling” the matter in the background with his Amazfish app).

This is a known issue. The Bluetooth device name is lost after a reboot. Workaround is to set again the device name at every reboot. This is also the reason for which I am not using my X10III as a daily driver.

I paired with my partners Subaru BRZ and have connected successfully. I then rebooted my phone to test, after reading here and it autoconnects to the car without issue.
When restarting the car/repairing, the sony previously playing will restart but the counter will continue to elapse thus the time elapsed for a song is longer than actual song length.

I wish I had problems like no auto-connect. I can’t pair the damn thing with my car kit at all (as the only smartphone that I’ve ever tried with it).

Thanks for submitting the report @eson, and to everyone for the useful clarifications in the discussion.

I’ve created an internal report about this and so have also tagged it here as “tracked.”

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