Xperia 10 crashed and got stuck in 'unlocked bootloader' warning -> sony logo -> crash loop



Yesterday my X10 suddenly crashed. Trying to switch it back on only gives a couple of blinks of the green led, the warning of opened bootloader followed by sony logo after which it crashes again. Plugging it in a charger gets a blinking red led and a loop of warning → sony logo → crash → warning… Anyone experience anything similar? Any ideas that I could try to get more info or fix this?

Was planning to switch to X10III anyway, but would prefer to transfer all data etc. while I do it.

Ensure that the phone is fully turned off. Connect the battery charger then. Later, try to boot it up.

This document and a linked one have the basics for trying to save some data from the phone.

After saving the data you can probably reflash the phone.

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The forced turning off didn’t help (thanks for the tip, though). Seems I’ll need to look at the recovery mode to salvage what can be salvaged into my new X10III.

Can’t seem to get the phone to recovery mode. Possibly because it doesn’t seem to properly go to fastboot mode (can’t get the blue led no matter how many times I try). It does however connect to the computer via the fastboot drivers. Tried running the recovery boot anyway and it seemed to go through with the following output:
Doesn’t go to recovery mode though, so no idea what to try next.

The same thing happened to me on my XA2 running 4.5.0.

It was working fine last night, this morning it was powered off.
When powering on, it went through the Bootloader message and
then the Sony screen - and turned itself off again.
When on a charger, it would do that continuously.

I was at least able to boot into recovery to save my data to SD
and then went through checking file systems, resetting to factory
default and a full reinstall afterwards with a reboot between each step.
None of it helped or fixed the issue.

It looks like I’ll need a new phone, too :frowning: