Xperia 10 battery life

How so? The screen is worse (not much, but still), headphone audio is worse (not much, but still), height is awful (comparing to X), buttons are worse, battery is awful.
Only android 8.1 is better.

Hello - I have also the Sony Xperia X Dual and I have solve the battery problem under 3.4 with folow steps:

  1. Sony reset Power+Volume up 8s hold (3x vibration)
  2. I install the patch “tracker path settings” and add some ignorded phaths e.g. the mp3 paths and all other big paths without picures and videos
  3. I install the app shell ex and add the command “mcetool -sdisabled” (Reset Blockig Device Suspend)
    Now all is fine you can check or compare (before and after) this with the app SystemDataScope.Also the app crest let you see wich process loads the cpu very much. I hope its help somebody.
    Greetings Ralf
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I own a XA2 Dual SIM with SFOS for nearly two years now. From battery hardware it has 3.2Ah/h so it is a little better than the Xperia 10 Plus with 3Ah/h and the Xperia 10 with 2.87Ah/h. Not long ago I bought a used Xperia 10 plus and installed the trial SFOS.
Since the last update the battery of the XA2 drains much faster than before. With average use it now last a day with one charge. Before the update it was two days.
The Xperia 10 Plus I can not compare before and after updating but it do not last as long as the XA2.
So after all regarding hardware the condition of the Xperia 10 is the worst for a long battery life especially after this not really satisfying update.
In my opinion the best results you get with an XA2 with a battery in a good condition.

mcetool command not found on 3.4

Sorry I forgott this:
devel-su [passwd, hidden writing]
pkcon install mce-tools
see also here:
with mcetool you can change many settings…
If you have insalled for the command “mcetool - sdisabled” you need no root.

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thanks i thought its part of std os

one hint to add: don’t know if 3.4 is still affected but in the past, automatic brightness adjustment ate a lot of battery too on X10 because of a misbehaving sensor.

It’s best to turn that off.

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… with follow commands you can find more options of mcetool :slight_smile:
“mcetool --long-help” or “mcetool -H” (its the same)
“mcetool --help” or "mcetool -h (its the same)
and with this you can see your original settings - its better to copy this from terminal in es txt file, then you can set its back if you have problems:
“mcetool --status”
for the Battery life also follow settings important:
“mcetool --set-cpu-scaling-governor=automatic”
“mcetool -searly”

For Xperia 10 there are 3 main issues that I find weak:

  • power consumption (need to load battery at least once in 24h, and my screentime is way less than 3 hours, and it is worse with SF 3.4 than ist was with SF 3.3)
  • very slow fix of GPS
  • random reboots (was very bad with SF 3.2, improved a lot with SF 3.3 and has worsened a bit with 3.4 when USB tethering seems to be one of culprits)

But nevertheless… from currently available hardware+software combos for me its seems to be the best “daily driver” available.

i did turn it off months ago. lets say my battery is weak :slight_smile:

You are right!

I do miss the stereo speakers, and although I like the bigger screen, it is less practical and not as good as the Xperia X’s. Bluetooth works properly though, which wasn’t the case on the X.

But it is mostly the android 8.1 support which makes it the better phone for me. So it is not as black and white as I stated before.

I really can’t complain about X10’s (ds, no sd) battery life: VPN always connected, bt and mobile data always on, wlan always off, nfc off, , amazfish constantly connected over bt). A lot of use. I get 2 whole days with 11 apps running. Airplane mode at night for 6 hours. What really matters is setting email sync to twice a day instead of push. I never had an android device working that long, even with much bigger batteries. X10plus is worse (30% left in the evening with same apps and settings) due to bigger screen and faster soc (ds, with sd)

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That does kind of confirm that it mostly has to do with wifi.
Is it possible that there is no power management for the wifi chip, or there is a bug that drains the battery when on wifi?

Can we open a bug report somewhere about that, or is it too vague?

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I think it is too vague. As I stated: the plus version is far worse with same settings. Has anyone tried newer android or iphones? They definately do not last any longer than SFOS devices. By constantly sending tracking data they are actually worse.
I really do not think there is anything to comlain, espessially if we compare to other linux phones (Librem 2 hours max, lol)

Hi all,

Another new Xperia 10 plus owner here, also jumping from an Xperia X… I was happy with the X as a phone but being stuck on Android 4 meant no new versions of Firefox, which is the main application I use. It was bought second hand of apparent light use for about 150 quid and unfortunately came with Android 10 but was able to put it back to 9 using Emma before installing SFOS.

Two complaints nothing to do with SFOS… I agree the screen is not good, everything looks blue compared to the X, cold LED backlight likely to blame. As the screen is so long it is difficult to keep it balanced and text on, accuracy is currently much worse than the X.

Vibration does not work well at all… the motor does work in VibrationTest, but haptic feedback is mostly noise rather than vibration and if typing rapidly it seems to just give up totally and go silent. The alarm vibration is horrible and makes a sort of “eeeeee-eeeewww” noise very different to the X.

The only visible hardware improvements over the X are CPU speed, camera performance, and having slightly more screen estate… everything else seems like a downgrade.

Firefox 82.1.3 from the Android Store works but no luck using the APK directly from Mozilla. XPIs wouldn’t open (have to install from Addons) and neither will PDFs open from the Downloads page which is a regular use case for me. Downloads themselves from Firefox don’t work properly… repeated notifications saying


every second or so. The only way to stop it is to close Firefox. When it is reopened, the file will successfully download, until the next attempted download where you need to repeat closing the app and reopening it.

Back to the topic of battery life… my experience is very poor here. I am barely using the phone at all with WiFi and 4G enabled, decent strength signals - maybe 10 mins of browsing, no calls, just a few texts, and it will barely last a day, which as a vague guess is about half the battery life of the X. Adaptive brightness is turned a fair way down, screen is no brighter than what the X was.

There is a fast microSD card installed formatted to ext4 with lots of music on. I know the X had an apparent problem with searching the card which was particularly noticeable in some Android apps, where everything would slow right down… hard to say if the 10+ is doing the same… it is certainly not as bad, but turning off scanning might be beneficial?

I’d like to assist in gathering some data on the problem… unfortunately Battery Log doesn’t appear to work properly on the 10+… it can gather Current and Voltage but Energy sits at 0 mWh and seems to be missing data from the API calls.

With all Android and all other apps stopped and 4G+WiFi on with the screen at a moderate level, Battery log is showing it pulling around 364-460mA with tapping the screen every second or so… this seems like a huge amount of current to be doing nothing. Putting the unit into Flight mode dropped this to 338-442mA.

The X in comparison shows around 124-155mA with WiFi enabled, also tapping to keep the screen awake. It’s no wonder the 10+ battery dies so quickly in comparison!

Anyone else got figures to share? I’d like to understand if this is typical for the 10+ or not, and how much difference some of the suggestions made here will help to dramatically lower power consumption. If it cannot be addressed, I guess I’ll have no choice but to give up and move the phone to LineageOS, which would be a shame. Thanks!

LineageOS does not last any longer, I tried. It is the big screen mostly and maybe the SoC.

When the device is idle the SoC should be drawing close to nothing, but the large screen is definitely not going to help when in active use - the biggest battery problem I’ve noticed is when the device is not in use, though which suggests the SoC isn’t power saving effectively.

In terms of display, turning the dynamic brightness off and turning it down to the bottom brightness setting with 4G+LAN turned on, power consumption drops to 202-288mA.

Maximum brightness is showing 488-504mA.

Hello - I have also post some infos in this chat with the same theme:
Maybe it helps ton use my mcetool settings command mcetool -sdisabled to spent energy…
You can see in this post my cpu using rate. Before it was very higher.

Have a brand new xperia 10, using it for a few days now, and I don’t really like the form factor,
i think it’s a mayor upgrade compared to my old X. Battery life is great too.

Thanks for the suggestions - I’ve run all the suggested commands. CPU is sitting at 0% in Lighthouse, haven’t done a collectd yet. Took out the microSD card too. On minimum brightness, display-on current is not significantly down after reset and mcetool, unfortunately, but will have to see if the sleep power is any better.

I tried a few more of the mcetool options like forcing power saving and enabling low power mode, and it’s made no apparent difference… still can’t get below 200mA in Battery Log just sitting there with the screen barely legible on brightness… as a comparison point the X is around 110mA, and my other halfs’ Poco F1 is about the same around 110mA on low brightness, which is not exactly a slow phone with a small screen.

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