XMPP no longer works

REPRODUCIBILITY (% or how often): 100% of the time
BUILD ID: everything since 3.0
HARDWARE (Jolla1, Tablet, XA2,…): i’ve tried on my xperia x and my moto g 2014
UI LANGUAGE: english
REGRESSION: (compared to previous public release: Yes, No, ?): no


i use xmpp all the time on android, but in the default messaging app on sailfish, xmpp doesn’t want to show up inside messages for some reason.


you need an xmpp account set up in settings


  1. open up messages
  2. start a new chat
  3. type in the xmpp id at the top
  4. type out your message
  5. look for the little arrow at the bottom to switch to xmpp
  6. it isn’t there
  7. bruh


the arrow is there and i can switch to xmpp and send my message to my friend.


the arrow isn’t there and now i am sad


i have the iq of the average oblivion npc so maybe i’m just missing something.


I’m not experiencing this here, but I do notice a similar bug, so I’m wondering if it’s related. Just like you I start a new message and enter an XMPP recipient’s name. For contacts that are only associated with XMPP I can immediately write them an XMPP message and send. However, if there are other ways to communicate with them (e.g. SMS) then a list appears at the top of the page and I have to choose the XMPP address.

For me, that all works fine. However, if I have no SIM card, I notice that choosing a non-XMPP way in the first instance means that I then can’t switch to using XMPP afterwards in the way you describe.

So this sounds similar, but not the same. Do you have a SIM card in the device?


yeah, I have a sim card, I’ll give it a go without one when I get home. perhaps the problem is that I don’t have any xmpp contacts? or maybe my xmpp server is acting up.

It’s worth checking. I must admit XMPP contact management on the SF side is unintuitive, or rather, doesn’t really exist. You have to add the contacts through some other client and they should then be picked up by the People and Messages apps (to check, look for an XMPP entry in the relevant contact card in the People app).

additional precondition:

  • internet acces (mobile/WLWN)

I suggest to switch off XMPP inside android layer and send You a XMPP message from a different (test) account using another device. Telepathy should receive this message and the senders address becomes a contact into the phonebook (if linked to a existing contact, it will be shown as nickname with telepathy symbol).
If You want to send someone a message from telepathy, select the person from pervious conversations, then select receivers XMPP address by touching the down arrow before typing any message text. The receivers online status is stated there too.

At least sending and receiving messages with telepathy in Rokua can I confirm working.

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