XA2 Ultra or PLUS motherboard inside of regular XA2

Hi there all.

I was wondering, is the motherboard inside of XA2 same as in XA2 Ultra or Plus?

Why? I really like compact size of XA2, but it is only available with 3gb of ram. Ultra is just too big and Plus, yeah, have one with 6gb but I don’t like this 20:9 screen. If only plus motherboard could sit in regual XA2

Maybe someone already tried it?

This is a bit over the top, I guess. If this is possible at all, this is more of a question for https://xda-developers.com, not Sailfish forum. I do guess though that they didn’t leave the space empty, making this impossible.

You shoud go with the Xperia 10 Mark III, it’s a bit smaller than the Ultra.

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10 III - 20:9 aspect ratio + sitting in drawer as I find it unusable in current state of sailfish.
SFOS on older devices is much more refined imho and I still find xa2 sitting in my hand better. I’m very specific in this regard :slight_smile:

I will also ask at xda, thanks for idea

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Go for the Xz2 Compact (Community-Port), while its almost the same size, it offers a better (bigger) screen-to-body-ratio, 4GB instead of 3GB RAM and a higher performance (Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 vs Qualcomm Snapdragon 630 ). I have both devices and the xz2 compact is much more the better daily driver for me. Downside of the xz2 Compact-Port are the Missing Jolla-Features like Android-Support. But there is another solutions for it like Waydroid, if needed.


This was very much my planned future device, until I realised that it doesn’t have VoLTE. Do you have tried Ubuntu Touch on it? Does UT have VoLTE support for this phone?

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As long i can take Phonecalls and my Provider support that i dunno need fancy VoLTE. I dunno need Internet-Connection during Phonecall. Ubuntu Touch no interest for me.

Well in Germany the connection quality without VoLTE will lead to awful quality and connection stalls all the time. With every month VoLTE is becoming more necessary and I currently have to use an iPhone so that others understand what I’m saying. This not being a problem for doesn’t help peopel in other countries very much. And when you travel you maybe have no phone ability at all.

More RAM and better cpu in almost same size as XA2? Sounds like a thing for me.

But yeah, I was only working with jolla supported devices, I need android support as Im dependant of some apps because of my work. How Waydroid compares to Android App Support?

I can´t anwer this question, because i get rid of all Android- and Google-dependies so i don´t need Android anymore and can taste the sweet pureness of SailfishOS. While SailfishOS teach me how to find other solutions in terms of Android-Apps and Connections, it leads me to get rid of Windows also and now i’m a new and happy Linux Mint User at home and work.

But you can read in this forum a lot of Waydroid, so what i have read here a bit is that it seems to bootup a complete Android-Desktop in a Window and you can do there all stuff you need like on the Android-Support from Jolla.

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The calling Quality and connection stability without VoLTE is good for my Provider, i didn´t have more or less Problems like my Familiy and Friends with same or other Providers/Android.

I use waydroid on my Volla phone. The main difference is, you have to start Waydroid from app grid and wait until it’s launched. Then you have an Audroid GUI on the screen and you can operate it like an Android phone and it looks like an Android phone. All user interaction is like on Android and when you accedentially swipe down to close an (Android) app instead closing in the Android way, you really close Waydroid completely. Data exchange is easy with a simple link in File Browser, as long Waydroid is running. If Waydroid isn’t running at a time, this link will report it’s defect. In general I can say it works.

If you consider topic question as stupid why even bother to read it?

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Is it possible to start Waydroid in a partnerspace? I imagine it rather nice to be able to swipe between Sailfish home screen and Android launcher by an edge swipe. And I think it would also prevent you from closing it by a down swipe.

I have no idea what a partnerspace is, so I can’t say right now. On my Volla, Waydroid is like an app on the app grid and on tapping it, Waydroid launches and I can operate Android apps inside and also I can change between Waydroid and other open SFOS apps without closing Waydroid.

If Waydroid is in the foreground, it looks like an Android phone, if Waydroid is in the background, it looks like usual.

You can start up to three apps in a dedicated screen right to the homescreen by running dconf write /desktop/lipstick-jolla-home/partnerspace/applications “[ ‘/usr/share/applications/jolla-calendar.desktop’,’/usr/share/applications/harbour-foilnotes.desktop’,’/usr/share/applications/jolla-calculator.desktop’]”

In terminal. This example starts calendar, notes and calculator.

The boards are a different shape/size.


another stu??d question
because before reading it I do not know if it is stu??d or not
I know after reading it (and I said this already)

But let me ask you something - did you find the videos in youtube? Did you invest few minutes to do some research? I bet no.

Even without videos - it is simple logic - do you think the manufacturer is leaving empty space in the phone and just put a bigger screen in the case … well … I won’t say the word once again.

In fact I hope that it is not insulting, but rather motivating you to sit down and think a little bit … just a little bit, before insulting the reader (me).

I am sorry, but I couldn’t find a less insulting word, I can only think of more insulting words.

Generally this is very possible because motherboards are programmable for different display panels and also only very small PCB is necessary for bigger devices.

Manufacturers are highly interested to have a smaller number of parts in their stock, so they may use the same pcb for more than one device.

Regarding the phones in discussion I must confess I have no idea what is fact.

I “love” theorists - again look at the PCB - you can not put a bigger one in a smaller case. And it is unusable without a case. End of discussion!

The board has reportedly following dimensions:
Ultra: 163 x 80 x 9.5 mm (6.42 x 3.15 x 0.37 in)

The case of XA2 Plus is with following size:
157.00 x 75.00 x 9.60 mm

It is simple math - that’s why I feel offended by such question.

Unless you take the jigsaw and cut a little bit off the PCB :smiley: … I don’t see how it would fit.

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