XA2 Ultra or PLUS motherboard inside of regular XA2

Only, my “stu” question was too much for you to understand!

I was asking about Ultra or Plus motherboard inside of XA2, not ultra mobo inside of plus.

Anyway, some more about, why trying to fix ultra inside of plus? It would be a downgrade, a stu one

To the rest that don’t think it’s really that stupid, I collected some more devices and will try to build a Frankenstein with it

To put it more nicely: the premise of this thread is painfully naive.
There is no reason to think motherboards from larger phones will fit in a smaller one.
What’s more; it is something you can figure out by googling the model numbers for a few minutes.

Phones are not desktop computers.
The number of laptops where you can do this can be counted on one hand’s fingers even if you work at a sawmill.



Let’s call the question a bit naive, but as an interested person there are informative answers in this thread, make it worth reading.
Everybody said it is not possible, once came a human, who did not know and succeeded…

Instead of replacing motherboard, maybe replace eMMC chip from 32MB to 64MB. then you could have more storage space. Of course soldering eMMC chip is not simple task.

Soldering anything was possible some time ago as I was working as phone repairman, as I had access to right tools. Today soldering something that precice is out of question even if I had good tools as my abilities deteriorated with time.

Second thing is, chips, depending on their capacity may differ in shape, size, connections. Even if they are the same, mobo may be designed to handle only, let’s say 3gigs and wont boot with 4 on board. It’s not like expanding ram on your pc with free slots as we all aware

I’ll soon try to cook something, maybe if not fit it would be possible to trim it somehow. Once Im on it I will photo document everything so someone after me with same idea can visit this and see how stu it is

I was hoping this will end, but it is getting even more ridiculous.

@nasi - it seems it is done “ad reductio” - however to end all of this discussion I posted the sizes of the phone and the board.

@mankir - again in theory you are right, but the question here is pretty contextual and physics is evident. What I can not stand is that someone smokes God knows what and comes up with an idea, but s/he is so lazy that does not want to do a simple homework, but comes around and insults us intellectually.

@vesa.s please make a video and prove your phone is working instead of using words like “could” or “may”.
What may and could be is not what reality is. The chance damaging the hardware is IMO higher than doing it right.
Utter BS all of these propositions.

@Ride92 - can you please list the tools you would need to do that or post a link to see how it works?

You are right, even in theory without knowing the specs and the compatibility requirements, one could only guess.

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Is there always such a friendly tone here?
It’s really very welcoming!

well, usually not … but this question was mind blowing, not because of the question but because the childish way: “Mama, is it possible …”
I try to motivate the person putting forward the question, to do some research and actually grow up.
It is insulting!

At least it works on notebooks: https://www.reddit.com/r/thinkpad/comments/gszvnl/x280_133_mod_done/
With upcoming modular mobile phones there could (and should) be more possibilities to succeed in similar cases. Also a rasperry sailfish could frankenstein some mobile parts…