XA2 stuck on old 4.30.12 OS version: "SSL handshake failed"

HARDWARE: Sony Xperia XA2, Model H3113


No software upgrade to 4.4.0 available from 4.3.0; Settings > System > Sailfish OS updates shows old Version and Up to date.


None that I am aware of


  1. Go to Settings > System > Sailfish OS updates


Offers to upgrade the device software to available 4.4.0


Shows old Version and incorrectly states Up to date.


None that I am aware of.


  • Settings > Accounts > Jolla shows Account status Active, and I can install apps from the Jolla Store.
  • Opening the Jolla Store app and going to My apps, it says You do not have any installed apps which is not true. Opening Settings > Apps, my installed native (non-Android) apps are all greyed out.
  • Settings > System > Time and date is set to Automatic update.
  • Opening the terminal application and running devel-su in Developer Mode to get into superuser mode,
    ** df -h shows that I have ~450MB available under /opt.
    ** more /var/log/systemupdate.log has its last entries from Nov 10, 2021 and no obvious errors.
$ ssu release
Device release is currently:
$ version --dup
NO UPDATES FOUND. Try again later.
$ ssu re
Changing release from to
Your device is now in release mode!
$ ssu up
Device is not registered, can't update credentials
$ ssu register
Username: REDACTED
Last operation failed:
SSL handshake failed
$ ssu domain
Device domain is currently: sales
$ rpm -q ca-certificates

I’d love to know what’s going on and how to debug/fix further, to get and install the Sailfish OS 4.4 update (and be able to uninstall native apps).

May I ask you to edit your topic and use the awesome template ?
It helps us a lot. In fact, it saves us a lot of time.

In the future, you can even install an application to fill in your bug report.

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Of course, done now.

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Do you get the same behaviour using mobile data? The only case I see, is that you’re connected on a open WiFi and need to confirm your connection.

I am not connected to an open WiFi and there are no wifi portals involved.
The problematic behavior remains the same, both in UI and terminal, after changing “Check for updates” from “WLAN only” to “Always” under “Preferences > System > Sailfish OS updates”, and disabling WiFi and enabling mobile data on the phone.

I also manually upgraded the ca-certificates package from 2020.2.41-1 to 2021.2.50-3 but the problem remains, so it’s not related to local certificates.

It’s not the solution, but this topic may give you some hints. At least which packages you should reinstall.

I am not at all sure ssu up and ssu register are related to OS upgrades.
So maybe that test case/steps are not applicable.

So just to get the obvious out of the way:

  1. This is a paid-for/licensed installation?
  2. Is the account, or has it ever been, registered for the EA program?

This is a licensed installation - I paid before installing it (and I’m not aware that I’d have to pay regularly, though I’d be willing to do so) plus updates worked beforehand from 3.x to 4.3.

If EA stands for Early Access, then I never registered for the Early Access program, no.

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@acko, you should not use ssu up and / or ssu register, because both are addressing ssu-features Jolla does not utilise. Mind that ssu (“Seamless Software Updater”) is much older than Jolla, it was originally implemented at Nokia in the 2000s, IIRC.

Side note: May I suggest to use sfos-upgrade, because it prevents quite some potential mishaps and might have prevented this one. Or the GUI updater in SailfishOS’ Settings app, as you use a licensed SailfishOS, if upgrading SailfishOS at the command line is not necessary. Jolla’s guidance is to resort to upgrading at the command line when their GUI updater failed.

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