Introducing new tool: Bugger!, the inofficial SFOS Bug Reporting Tool

Hey everyone!

Following a suggestion in a discussion among the Bug Coordination Team about how to further improve bug report quality, I have spent the last couple of days making a tool to help with reporting bugs:

Bugger! for Sailfish OS

Bugger! is a little tool to assist reporting bugs on, following the more or less standardized template in use here.

It tries to detect as much of the relevant info itself, lets you add description etc, and will at the end open the Browser to create a (draft) post here.

Reporting bugs in this way should improve Jollas ability to pick them up and track them internally.

For more information about the Bug Coordination effort, see the Help link.

Binary packages are available in the SailfishOS Chum repo (best installed through Chum GUI ), and on the Releases page of the source code repo.
For those who prefer to use Openrepos, the same package is also published here.
Preview/Alpha versions sometimes at chum-testing

Source code is here.
This lives in the sailfishos-chum GitHub org in the hopes that improving it will be a community effort, so please add your issues, enhancements, and other contributions!


You might want to consider a slightly different name for your tool as, well …


I am well aware :wink: and IMO it fits the usage in a way. Maybe I should add an exclamation mark?


At least it could not then be used as a verb :wink:

It would be interesting to hear about whether this works on older SFOS Releases as it is currently only tested with 4.4.

If you have a device with an older version, and find something interesting to report, please do so at Issue #12

EDIT: my timing sucks. Not only did I release this too late to make this instalment of the Newsletter, it brings the sad news that the forum is incompatible with older SFOS versions now.
Still, through the usage of alternative/Android browsers to submit, it may be possible to have it functioning on older releases.

Suggestions: BugReporter, BugTracker,

@nephros Good idea, many thanks!

edit: SailBug, BugFish, SFReporter,

" <It tries to detect as much of the relevant info itself, lets you add description etc, and will at the end open the Browser to create a (draft) post here.> "

Detect infos itself ist very important and useful, because many users can’t collect all relevant infos from hidden or unknown logfiles etc.

Automatic interaction with browser and as few as possible necessary user interaction is also very helpful. Very good idea! Thank you @nephros !

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One of the things that made me partial to the name is the phrase ‘bugger all to do’ which:

  1. describes what the program does, all that is to do wrt. collecting OS details and post formatting of a report is “all for bugger to do”.
  2. is used in the chorus of some versions of the saucy sea shanty “Friggin in the Riggin”, which in turn
    • gives it some connection to the whole maritime-themed thing with Sailfish OS
    • was performed by the Sex Pistols, so is in the tradition of anarchchyintheuk`s work (who tend to have Sex Pistols Lyrics in their License files).

I like these references and as my mother tongue isn’t English, I am not disturbed by this name.
If ever it would have to change, something related to


would be very explicit and appealing for the lazy humans that we are (I am) :–)

Installed Bugger right now on one of my Xperia 10’s. Starts without any issues, and happily I saw that the device informations are filled in automatically. Can’t report any bug at the moment because there is no.

On Volla installation also succeeded.
Installation on the other X10 also successful, but also no bug at the moment.

Many thanks @nephros !


Taking into account how “well” the reply/writing dialog works with Browser (and Android Firefox too), this application is a great tool to have! I still pretty much always use a desktop computer for it, because of the convenience of having a keyboard and grabbing logs from the phone via SSH. This might shake the balance, though! I also like the name; it’s nice and blatant in describing the application, and it also rolls nicely off the tongue when a bug happens :slight_smile:

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Here is some instructional video on the use of Bugger! for non English speakers


Now also available at OpenRepos.