Will you upgrade from Xperia 10 II to 10 III?

If you currently own a Sony Xperia 10 II running Sailfish - are you going to upgrade to a Sony Xperia 10 III as soon as Sailfish becomes available? Why or why not?


I probably will, mainly due to the significant increase in battery (4500 vs 3600 mAh) and the increase in RAM from 4 to 6 GB is also nice.

Battery-wise I still find the 10 II is too low at the end of the day even with average usage. (Although much better than the 10!)

Probably. More RAM and display output is quite attractive. I have never felt the need for a bigger battery though.

However; my advice to others still stands, unless you really need something the new model provides or your old one breaks, you should skip at least every other model. There will be no night-and-day difference in the general experience.


It’s a tricky one; Given it’s a 5G device, I might skip and jump to the next device assuming that by then 5G will be better supported and new technology issues would be ironed out in the stack. Currently my 10 II works ok apart from the dreadful bug introduced in 4.2 (switching from Mobile Data to WiFi half the apps believe there’s no internet connection). Other than that I would probably appreciate a bit more battery life. I would consider to jump to 10 III like 3,4 releases down the line after seeing how SFOS behaves. The only problem is that with that timeframe (we are talking like 1+yr from now in the future) I don’t expect the 10III to be still sold (eBay would be my best bet).

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No I will not. ii is just fine and does everything I require. I assume Sailfish will be quite well debugged when the next device is available so I happily continue with this one.

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I will install sealfish os. Because i have a Sony 10 lll. My old Sony xperia X with sealfish is broken. So i just will wait for Jolla to come with support.

Its an interesting HW feature but you can’t be sure it will be usable in SFOS.

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I always don’t understand why Jolla always just supports the phone with the lowest specs from Xperia range. Sure, the Xperia 1 line might be to high end, but the Xperia 5 line would be more suitable Form the most european users. My main reason not to use a Sailfish Device as daily driver is always the bad camera.
So support for better Hardware like Xperia 5 II or Fairphone 4 would be a nice and needed thing.

I don’t think ‘most European users’ and certainly not most worldwide users are willing to spend €700 on the Xperia 5 II or €1000 (a thousand euro!) on the Xperia 5 III just to be able to have a marginally more powerful device to play around with Sailfish for a bit. I feel like at some point in the past decade people have completely decoupled money from value.


Right. Not sofar. I feel 5G to be suitable for my home net. 4G is good enough for my 10II. But who knows as a result from my history (Jolla, Jolla C, Xperia X, XA2 and 10II), maybe some day. Never say never, but all depends on the developments of the battery capacities. 4500 mAh vs. 3600 mAh does not influence in me. Especially due to increasing capacity loss due to the battery decradation after 3-4 months.

I always buy my phones second-hand since I’m not willing to pay more than 200 to 250 euros for one.

(Ok, I did buy an Fxtec Pro 1 for more from Nico to try out SFOS on.)


I use an XA2 Plus with SFOS as my daily driver, and I have had a 10ii for months now running android.
My intention was to buy a 10iii at Black Friday, and install SFOS to the 10ii to use as my daily driver.

However, now that Jolla has stated it intends to get SFOS on the 10iii in early 2022 what I intend to do instead is keep my 10ii as an Android phone and use the (SFOS) XA2 Plus as my daily driver until SFOS arrives for the 10iii and then swap to that instead.

Attractive, as it means my SFOS daily driver sticks with 6GB of memory rather than dropping to 4GB.

I may now never install SFOS on the 10ii (having already bought a SFOS licence), but frankly that is fine. I never owned a 10 Plus either, but i bought a licence! You’re welcome, Jolla. :slight_smile:


Me too…one reason is because of price and second one is because of IMEI. Maybe the first owner who bought it with a credit card is registered to the IMEI :slight_smile: …yes yes I know that I am paranoid :slight_smile:


Suggested this before but lost. Jolla will not coöperate with Fairphone in the future.
I own an XA2plus with a broken card slot, and an XA2, that is my daily device. The XA2 has a nice size and weight. I enjoyed this phone for several years and now it is very slow. Also (system-) storage is nearly full. I did not buy a 10 II but will certainly buy the 10 III since Jolla announced that they will make it ready for Sailfish.
Prices do vary from E409 - 429 at the moment, a lot of money. So I hope it will last a couple of years.

First I thought “of course at some point”, but then after some time I started to have second thoughts about the matter. I might stand with @cquence and @attah’s points.

Whereas the Xperia 10 III is very nice phone, I don’t really think I need a new one. The battery life has almost never been any issue with my Sailfish devices so the bigger battery doesn’t mean much to me. However, the performance and stability have been my concerns and even the Xperia 10 II hasn’t fully met these requirements. Thus I don’t think that the Xperia 10 III would provide any significant leap regarding these matters.

I’m not too interested in 5G either as 4G can provide pretty much everything I need when using the phone. Cameras on these two phones are more or less the same as far as I’m concerned. Maybe the Xperia 10 III have slightly better cameras due to for example having bigger sensors, but this isn’t major point for me.

At the end of the day time will show. Maybe if I could get Xperia 10 III cheap or second-hand, I might reconsider. However, currently I think it’s best to wait for a prospect new candidate after Xperia 10 III. During this time the Sailfish will hopefully become even more mature on these Sailfish X devices.

Indeed, and especially not at launch.
But between the great Jolla devs, crafty community developers and me being sufficiently bored… it will probably happen within its lifetime.

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Does anybody know why there is no collaboration with Fairphone? From my point of view it’s not Fairphone but Jolla why this collaboration doesn’t happen. But I may be wrong. Was there any official statement about that?

Wait, so this is optional, means you don’t have to buy each new device Jolla release SFOS for? :grin:


How many phones do I need?
Just one … more.


I should be glad they don’t release SFOS for new devices more often - if I think about it I probably haven’t skipped a single device (except for the Gemini and the Tablet, but that was more Jolla’s fault than mine) :slight_smile:

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