Will you upgrade from Xperia 10 II to 10 III?

I have been using Jolla from the beginning since I was a N9 user. First Jolla 1, then Jolla C, then Xperia X and now XA2. I miss a similar form factor phone and that is what is keeping me from upgrading my phone. I hope the people at Jolla think a little bit and stop adapting Sailfish X only for Surfboards like 10ii and 10iii. I am sure they are wonderful phones, but they are just too big for me (and for a lot of people) to be used as daily driver.


I miss Jolla 1, a phone that we can open ourselves, with a replaceable battery, an easy cardslot. Of course the features did not have the quality of contemporary devices, but the design was great.

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No (and iam still on a XA2)
achtualy this is one reason for using Sailfish is that you don’t need atleast every 2 years a new phone because you are not getting updates any more (besides iOS and Pixel Phones but all the rest looks devastating).
I would use my Jolla till EOF as well if i wouldn’t destroy it I really loved my otherhalf keyboard :heart_eyes:

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I will probably upgrade from my XA2, providing the 10iii GPS works. The lack of a usable GPS on the XA2 is very limiting for me. I prefer the form factor of the XA2 but I need the GPS more.

Also there are other limitations with the Sailfish on the XA2 which are more likely to be resolved on a version of Sailfish for a newer device. Well that’s my hope. Things like full Bluetooth functionality for Android apps.

Also I find Sailfish on the XA2 slow when compared the the Jolla C and other OS’s.


I won’t upgrade. My 10ii lasts me almost 3 days (if I don’t have a battery hungry app spinlooping) and the cameras were a significant upgrade. I think there is a lot of potential in the hardware, that is still untapped by the software and I want to see VoLTE first. I mostly upgraded to be able to test 64bit apps as well as the different aspect ratio. The 10iii does not offer anything significantly new, that would make it reasonable to buy one for testing. At least I hope 5G will be without influence on my apps. If there is ever a smaller phone again, I would jump immediately though!

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Smaller phone, yes :slight_smile: Are there any recent news on Jolla allowing community effort on updated android support for Xperia X respectively Xperia X Compact?

Not yet, I wouldn’t expect it to happen before the official support runs out.

I am interested to buy one used Xperia 10 II device in good condition if you want to sell it (ideal green color / 128GB) : please write me in private if interested.

These are my motives too: the XA2 is very slow now and maps and satnav don’t work.This seems to be a hardware problem. WILAN and switching to and from mobile is not great either. My husbands cheap Gigaset GS290 with /e/ is snappier and more stable. So I hope that Sailfish on the Xperia 10 III will be better than the XA2.
I have used Jolla 1, Xperia X shortly, XA2. Did not buy 10/10 II because of the well known waste problem.

The 10 III is narrower than the 10 II and also less tall. It is even narrower than the XA2.

From this, you can see that the 10 models are only slightly larger than the original X. The X was a fine phone and mine works very well.


I would prefer a bit smaller, i.e. shorter. Once you need reading glasses, a smaller phone makes no difference. My other phone is an iPhone SE 2020 which is smaller.

Yes, but my previous phones were the X compact, Jolla and N9, not the XA2 :smiley:


it is nice to read that iam not the only one who have the which for a smaller phone my XA2 Plus is way to big but a needed a dualsim version with sdcard :frowning:


Which looks like will be the only one from Sony for now!
All newer had only dual SIM or SIM/SD :frowning: (but way too long, similar to Gemini, reason I stayed back from FxTec)

Thanks for sharing your thoughts. The reason I started this thread was to see if people have the same issues with RAM as I do. I’m using some Android apps and as soon as there are more than two or three Android apps open at the same time the device starts to “lock” itself for 2 seconds every 15 seconds or so. Usually it gets resolved by restarting the Android App Support (which takes 30 seconds), but sometimes a shutdown of the device is necessary. Also I find the camera to be extremely slow on the Xperia 10 II device (there is a thread about this issue on the forum) which makes me miss photo opportunities every day or so which is kinda annoying.

I have no idea if a switch to better hardware will get rid of this or if it is pure software related, but I will most certainly upgrade to the next supported and faster device.

I also just upgraded to 10ii and I am not too impressed. It is too tall and feels big in my hand. It drops connectivity. There are little buggy problems with running my favorite apps. I’m always switching to airplane mode and back just to reconnect with the network. I had trouble porting over my Signal backup and am still waiting for some spare time to expand the root partition so I can get that working again… In all I was excited for this upgrade and am now not sure it was worth it. I would consider getting a 10iii and contributing as a user tester during dev so that the product isn’t this buggy or frustrating once it’s released.

Not buggy for me at all. I’m actually expecting something to hang/freeze/work/not work, but basically, not problems for me with my Xperia 10 ii, I’m quite pleased so far, but then i am also a light user and don’t have hundreds of pointless apps installed.

No network problems, at all, but notably I am not yet using a SIM so all communications are done via WiFi which seems very stable. I read lots of posts with users expressing their disappointment with Xperia 10ii. Having not long bought my 10ii, I won’t be upgrading to 10iii until the current device is broken/lost/outdated by SFOS.

What makes you think the 10iii will be any better?