Will enabling gps keep gps always on?

So, back in the old jolla 1 days, contrary to android, gps just started automatically after an app requested it, and then closed itself when none was requiring it, while on android when you turn it on it’s always on

Now the question is, if i enable gps (via the quick settings menu, for example), will it just start itself when (example) Pure maps request it or will it stay on like android? (althought i guess not, cause the icon is only present when a map app is open)

And least but not last, will it drain more battery (in the first case)?

Thank you

It will not.

If you enable ‘Location’, then apps can request coordinates, but GPS will only switch on at that moment.

It will also not switch on if you have GPS disabled in the location settings.

Then there’s AML which will switch it on regardless of your preferences.


Ok, thank you, this perfectly answer my question, i guess i can leave the location on then…

This is not the case. Android turns off the GPS when no app is requesting its use.

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My bad, good to know then

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