Why does Sony Xperia 10 II lose fingerprints from time to time?

Why does it do that? This is the second time it mysteriously forgets the fingerprints I’ve setup.

Any workaround so that it will not stubbornly forget them?

And now that I try to enter a fingerprint this fool phone says “There is not enough memory to save the fingerprint”.

What do you mean not enough memory? I just rebooted the phone (in hope the fingerprints would magically reappear) and the only application open is the settings application.

Already reported, including a decent remedy.


Ok thank you. I will try that next time.

Well, after reboot and after adding some new fingerprints… and after having a phone call. All my previous fingerprints reappeared with the new ones I had added. Crazy phone!

Silly phone again lost the fingerprints. Running “systemctl restart sailfish-fpd” did not restore them.

It sometimes takes several attempts.

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