Why do simple Apps need so many permissions?

Why do these apps need so much permissions just for playing music or ad blocking. Are these apps trustworthy?

Because they use the default profile for SailJail. See:

The Sailfish OS application permissions are applicable only to sandboxed applications. Since Sailfish OS 4.4.0 all applications that do not specifically opt-out or define permissions are sandboxed automatically using a default profile.

Source: GitHub - sailfishos/sailjail-permissions

Theoretically, you’re right. It shouldn’t be trustworthy, but that means the app hasn’t been adapted to SailJail and it is usually abandoned.

Feel free to update this wiki: List of application affected by SailJail


This is the set of default/compatability permissions. They are used when the app is not set up to request a specific set.

So they don’t strictly need these, but granting them enables older apps to continue to work.


Thank you for your explanation!

Ah ok, got it! Thanks!

Just to add that you can always limit those perms yourself if the maintainer hasn’t the time. You can create an override by copying from


adding a permssions section to the latter like:


containing the reduced set of permissions and presto, less lax perms.