Whisperfish - The unofficial SailfishOS Signal client

That’s something that’s indeed dependent on network connection, packet loss and timeouts. I don’t think there’s an awful lot we can do for that specific case (it should already be fine) but we’ll check it out.

Edit: To clarify: The indicator can stay green a little while when network connection goes bad, but it should eventually (quite quickly) turn red. This seems to not always be the case.

Just a short y/n question: is it possible to send speech notes with whisperfish?

receiving yes, sending not (yet, I think it was announced that this is on the road map)

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Installed whisperfish but it wont open. I have the signal app installed but figured i’d try out the whisperfish app also. This is on an xa2 which was just updated to 4.6.

Interesting. Can you have a look what happens when you launch harbour-whisperfish --verbose on the command line?

That shouldn’t matter :slight_smile:

If i did it correctly i get Harbour not found

On my XA2 test device with EA I just installed WF for the first time and it started up…

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Sounds like you were trying harbour whisperfish --verbose instead of harbour-whisperfish --verbose?

Ok got it. Thank you.

Trying to link whisperfish to signal but not getting any qr code to scan

You’ll really have to provide us some logs to work with that! Sounds like you were able to fix the launching issue?

Slightly off-topic: I’ll soon have my PhD defense. You are all invited, especially because Whisperfish had quite some impact on my work as a researcher. If you’re around Brussels that morning, feel free to join in person. If not, feel free to ask me the meeting link!


The registration is not working for me on 0.6.0 beta 25

Log gives the following error:

2024-06-11T08:05:48.993988Z TRACE patch_json{service=Service path="/v1/verification/session/mQUQ1RssTP6ICL30QcGFVw==" additional_headers=[] credentials_override=Unidentified}:request{method=PATCH endpoint=Service additional_headers=[] credentials_override=Unidentified path=/v1/verification/session/mQUQ1RssTP6ICL30QcGFVw==}: libsignal_service_hyper::push_service: Unhandled response 400 with body: {"code":400,"message":"invalid captcha site-key"}

Sounds like an easy fix, I’ve taken a note here: Error 400 on registration (#668) · Issues · Whisperfish / Whisperfish - Signal on Sailfish OS · GitLab, thanks for reporting!

From time to time, for one contact (one that I use more frequently, about once in a month), I have to reset secure session for every message to get it delivered (two check marks).
It has been like that for several versions.
Is this known? (searched forum and gitlab)

Does Whisperfish crash or does the connection icon in the cover turn red? If yes, then we should have improvements coming Soon^tm.

In any way, logs would be helpful. This thread has the wiki link many times already, buy suprisingly it’s not in the opening post… I’ll fix that now :slight_smile:

Sounds like conflicting sessions, I’d love to see logs for that indeed.

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dont want to start a new topic, only in case more people do experience that.
i did start whisperfish: red symbol, could not connect even after app restart.
try to check settings to see if background is enabled or not: crash

after phone restart all fine.
so my statement: settings page might cause app to crash when not connected ?

That sounds like someone sent you a message using phone number discovery. Does Signal Desktop show a new contact with a message not synced to Whisperfish? If you can’t repeat that any more, that would fit the bill too. Do you happen to have logs and do doea it look something like this?

valid uuid checked in constructor: Error(Char { character: ‘P’, index: 1 })

(Or something with character: 'P' anyway)

We are working on eliminating related crashes (pretty much done) and implenting all-around PNI support (good progress). See the merge request for details.

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Is message deletion working? Since i deleted a message whishperfish did not sync. And was showing red instead of green color. On primary android device i could see new messages in conversations.

Another question would be: does the list of linked devices gets lost when transferring the account to another android device?