Whisperfish - The unofficial SailfishOS Signal client

Great! Please also ask him if he can add a simple ‘copy’ button to the device link code, for people like us who want to run Molly on the same device as the primary instance. (Although, come to think of it, the Android clipboard isn’t shared with the Sailfish clipboard, so perhaps it wouldn’t be of much help in this case.)

I added Molly as a secondary on tablet, with primary android, and it seems to be working fine, after a while it started syncing properly.

But when I tried to install Molly on phone for maybe be used as a primary, I can’t even add repo to F-droid. Had no problem adding repo on tablet F-droid.

Hey there, everyone! Glad to see all the interest in Molly. I’ve just created an account to drop a couple of comments.

First, thanks for reporting the bugs. We have our own issue tracker on GitHub, and it would be awesome if you could submit the reports there, to keep this thread on-topic. Submitting bug reports really helps me to track issues, especially when my thoughts are a bit scattered. We also have support@molly.im, but the most important thing is to attach the debug logs (you can find them in the menu: Settings > Help > Debug log), because without those, I wouldn’t even know where to start. To access the debug log, you can also tap any element on the registration screen ten times. Don’t worry, they’re safe to share since they’re redacted to remove any personal information.

On another note, I’m a big fan of Whisperfish. If there’s anything I can do to improve compatibility between both apps, feel free to reach out. I’ll do my best to help.


He, thank you so much for joining here, @valldrac! This is a bug in both Molly and a separate one in Whisperfish, so we’ll have to collaborate a bit to get both fixed :slight_smile:

If we have the crash log of Molly, we can also infer what Whisperfish’ wrong behaviour is, and we can probably fix the linking with Flare too… all in one go!


As Whisperfish crashes once in a while (which does not make girlfriend happy when I don’t reply) I was wondering if there was a simple command to restart it with situations on the background, without the app actually popping up. I think that a refresh cover action would also be a good idea.

@turmelus1 I understand your reasoning, but I would then rather spend my time into catching and fixing the crashes (I also have them) than to work on a workaround.

Small vulnerability announcement

I have filed for CVE - CVE-2023-42444 and CVE - CVE-2023-42447. These are denial-of-service related vulnerabilities that are exploitable in Whisperfish (and other software too). Those vulnerabilities are fixed upstream (libraries maintained by the broader Whisperfish team), but both fixes require a more recent Rust compiler than what we currently use in CI. The next SDK that gets released will have Rust 1.62, and we’ll be able to incorporate these (and many more) fixes.

Jist of the story is: these will not get exploited in practice. Either your contacts (case of the blurhash bug) or Signal themselves (case of the phonenumber bug) should be considered the attackers in this scenario, and that’s quite a weird threat model. Just wanted to be in front of the news with this announcement.


One of the Rust’s downside… :-/

I reinstalled SFOS (from to and did a manual migration of whisperfish by copying whisperfish data (in .config and .local/share) from my backup. After doing this I can see old messages and attachments but I cannot see new received attachments or send messages.

Is it possible to reset data/history without having to register again?

Can you open an issue with censored logs, or contact me with logs by email? Difficult to debug here. Restoring data after registration is currently not possible. Resetting data without registering is also not possible.


It seems I now can send messages. Perhaps it was some timeout from signal servers (I reinstalled last Saturday)?

I can however still not see attachments. I have created an issue and attached the log.