Whisperfish - The unofficial SailfishOS Signal client

did not want to create a bug already now:

i am running whisperfish on volla phone with dualboot.
whisperfish consumes constantly 10%+ cpu. actually 12-13%.

am i the only one ?

Interesting! I’m only seeing about 0-1%, but I’m not constantly monitoring. Running OpenRepos release, or master? Feel free to file a bug with your setup (possibly with a guesstimate of your database size), usually that’s a better channel than the forum to discuss. Also: does this happen right after starting, or after network switching, or … ?

For the starters, thanks for the great app! It is sleek and working properly.
I guess I found a bug (at least not mentioned here). I filed it in GitLab (my first one ever and without any logs). The issue is quite straightforward: if I change the ambience, Whisperfish does not change font colours etc. XA2 Ultra with Koli, I have had Whisperfish since 0.5 I guess.

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That’s actually a known bug, but the developers don’t have a fix for it yet:

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Dang, didn’t notice.

No problem; closed yours as duplicate.

I’ll repeat it: please upvote the issues that apply to you, because I use the thumb-up-counter as priority list.


PSA: OWS is tying off groupv1 support as fast as I am writing groupv2 support. I estimate a few days before groupv2 starts to work. We’re very close now, the UUID-rework is mostly done.

The new Signal Desktop now shows a nag screen and hides the text input. Android and iOS clients might do the same. We’ll get there very soon now.


I get

bash: zypper: not found

What do I do?

I just posted it on OpenRepos too: Try

pkcon install zypper

That should install zypper, and from there you should be able to continue.

Sorry for the inconvenience. This will not be necessary in SailfishOS 4.1 :slight_smile:

With all the work you put into this, don’t be sorry. Thanks for the help! Seems to be working now.

Strange thing is that I had some messages on Signal before and thus some contacts, but there is nothing there now. Doesn’t seem to know that some of my contacts use Signal.


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If you did a clean install, everything starts from scratch indeed. Contact discovery is on the wish-list, but currently not (re)implemented.

https://github.com/Michael-F-Bryan/libsignal-service-rs/pull/52 and https://gitlab.com/rubdos/whisperfish/-/issues/133 if you want to upvote some stuff on Gitlab :wink:

My Android app doesn’t see any contacts either. So… No problem. I’ll try to get the ones I need some other way.

I’ll see if I can get access to upvote. Thanks!