Which media player to push to obs/chum

I’m currently working on trying to update the one or other media player where maint. has fallen behind and push to chum. I’d like to know which one(s) you would chose.

Currently, I’m focused on https://github.com/llelectronics/videoPlayer since I’d also like to see if I can fix the youtube search feature. But I’ve been hacking at:

https://github.com/equeim/unplayer and

Any preferences? Further suggestions?


I prefer unplayer, thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


Just to say thank you.

I am using unplayer and appreciate it so far.
But dunno really, because I wasn’t able to start flowerplayer on my XA2 (was under iirc).

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I’m surprised at how little interest there is in Cantata. I gon a working bin built, and the main ui is stable and smooth and packed full of features, (local, radio, streams, podcasts, downloads, iTunes, etc.), all ready to use and configured out-of-the-box. The only issue is the settings screen and menu options, which are buggy on our OS with old qt. Someone who knows qt could probably adapt/modify without too much trouble, (and anyway, it can pretty much all be done in conf file)…

I guess with sailors there’s a whole realm of ‘roughing it’, and not joining in with the mainstream, etc…

Anyway, that’s what I’ll be using

By the way, I also got Tea editor built and running…

as well as a working Lazarus/fpc installation, with libQt5pas…

Still some kinks, (mostly just using cli, since menus are unstable, etc), but kind of nice…

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I prefer Deadbeef Silica


I prefer LLs VideoPlayer, especially because of the UT download issue.
(Deadbeaf Silica already nearly perfect for me)

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I use unplayer a lot but as far as I am concerned is still maintained. I find Cantata a very good candidate for chum as well. Cantata + mpd is powerfull set for music player and resembles Symbian times :).
Are we talk about music or video player? Video players are different and not serve well as music players.

I had seen your post and just hadn’t had time. But I think it’s worth getting some support, maintenance for sure.

Yes, this was confusing. I thought unplayer supported Video. That was an error.

unplayer, LLs and Cantata … let’s see.

I’m highly interested in Cantata! Thanks very much for your effort! But the question came quick and unexpected for me. Additional, I have less time in the moment. But the screenshots look extreme interesting and I’m very curious and want to ask, what have I to do to download and test it. But I can only test it and give feedback, not much more. I’m not a coder yet.

@Levone1 posted links to downloads you can try at: Cantata App Testing

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I built a new one with mpg123 support, if interested. Will update the link at some point… I started getting into Avahi support, but it’s a bit of a bigger deal, and not sure if it’s worth it. Could that even work on a phone, (CD ripping, etc)?

Here’s cantata build files, with bins…

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Ok, I’ll consider it as such till… sometime. I’ll just fix youtube in LLs and see if a PR get’s accepted.

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