Cantata App Testing

I was able to get Cantata 2.4.1 built and running with a bit of finagling, but a little buggy in the gui, (tapping dropdown menu items opens a separate window which doesn’t respond to interaction, and the scaling is off, [can scale it with QT_SCALE_FACTOR, but then itdoesn’t fit on the screen[)… If anyone wants to test, I can upload the bin and source, and maybe you can help fix it, (I don’t really know what I’m doing)…


Seems like launching with QT_SCALE_FACTOR=3 makes it pretty usable. Haven’t tried everything yet, but whatever I’ve tried works, (internet radio, file streaming)…

The build process created 3 bins. You can download here 3.13 MB file on MEGA . Copy to /usr/local/bin, (or whatever), and run ‘cantata’ from terminal, (you can also copy desktop file from source and just change “exec” line to Exec=env QT_SCALE_FACTOR=3 cantata %U so you can launch from launcher).

It might work for me because of the extra packages/mods I’ve installed, (built mtp and newer libusb from source, and installed some alsa plugins from CentOS, plus 5 or 6 dev packages from zypper), but it might be that all that stuff just enabled the build, and it will run fine on any device. Try and let me know…

If anyone wants the source directory, I can zip and post. I had to modify a bunch of lines because it’s coded for qt5.11, but we only get 5.6 from Jolla…

If it’s working, maybe someone who knows what they’re doing can make a spec and package it…

Magnatune working

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Anybody try yet? I’m curious … Been messing around with qt env variables and cmake files. Just wondering if it works out-of-the-box or not

I’ll take a look just for fun tomorrow. In any case, it’s very cool what you did.


It works, but it’s not easy to use. I started like this:

./cantata QT_SCALE_FACTOR=3

But I’m not sure it changed anything.

SMPC is a good client too :slight_smile:

QT_SCALE_FACTOR=3 ./cantata

Anyway, my main wonder was if it would run as-is on any device… Thanks
(I also have used SMPC for a long time… This is much more push-button-user-friendly)

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Very nice. I also did this some time ago. As far as i can tell, the codebase of cantata is very nice and clean (above all compared to the code of smpc). Unfortunately the project is in maintenance mode only (at least better than abandoned).

Also it uses qtwidgets instead of qml for the UI, which makes it harder to port. I wanted to weave in the code of cantata into smpc but didn’t get too far, because of my little knowledge of c++.

It would be really cool having a solid c++ code base for mpd clients, as one could use it for convergent app on plasma, plasma mobile, ubuntu touch and of course SFOS.

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I have been tweaking some build files and reaching ouut on QT forum. If the bin runs as-is on aarch64 SF, then it could easily be packed into rpm. The issue now is the preferences. It’s made for desktop linux, so it runs off the sxreen…

It can be worked around by adding margins and wordwrap, etc…

but to do it right needs someone who knows what they’re doing. I think this is far above any of the current SF apps of thiis kind, (not to take away from the devs’ work - this is just a fully-developed, long running Linux app with tons of features that all work with a button click and no user config [I just pressed ‘ok’ 3 times to set it up), and it seems like it’s worth a little effort to fine tune it…

Development did stop, but just a few months ago. As it is, it’s in an updated state - however we can’t share in that because of our older qt version…

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You can prevent the wizard from popping up by copying a config file manually.