When to expect SFOS 3.5

SFOS was release to early access users on 08.10.2020. Since then communication got a litlle quite. We have seen several translation rounds, but up to now, no rumors what a new version would include, or also what the numbering of the version would be. Anyone with more information on the new release? Some of the highlights? F. ex. Firefox 78 ESR, VOIP


Did you miss this thread?

Looks like Firefox ESR 60 for now, and ESR 78 for a later release.
It also seems we are getting permission control for native apps by means of Firejail
There are traces of QR code reader integration, either to the OS for something, or as an official lib, or both.

There are likely more things cooking too, but this is just from open sources…

Edit: and EA expected in the next 2 weeks.


good idea, one could almost say over due.

Full disclosure, before this rumour gets legs of its own. That could still be for later, as i haven’t seen a clear version correlation, just the libs starting to be packaged.

But, indeed, a very nice addition. There are some things a separate app still can’t (be allowed to) do.

Jolla can’t really provide a roadmap, because their plans depend on so many other companies and matters. As much as I would like to see a concrete roadmap, that would only lead to rushed releases and poor quality. I will take the “it’s done when it’s done” any day over forced deadlines.

Just my two cents…

Still, I’m already holding my breath! :smiley:

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From the translation it seems they added it to the camera in a way. We’ll know i a few days. :slightly_smiling_face: